Sunday, 28 June 2009

Buttony serendipity!

I have to have a look when I see a tin like this at the car boot - a bit worn and well loved, several decades old, always good for a bit of kitchen kitsch. But when I picked it up it was heavy and ratlled! Always a good sign! And yes - it was full of buttons. And there was another! (Not quite so attractive). I had them both - it seemed rude not to. There might not have been another button lover along today!

When I got home I just had to pour them out and have a rummagy (new word) scrummage to see what delights were in there. I love messing about with buttons - the shapes the colours, the designs. Buttons for everyday, buttons for uniforms and buttons for very special occasions - there is so much domestic history in a button box I always think. And it's never just buttons though is it? Today there was a ball bearing, curtain hooks, and a large pair of clock hands. "I know - I'll put them somewhere safe - in my button box" the owner must have thought "until I find a clock with its hands missing"!

I found some real gems including some great (possibly 30s?) red glass deco beauties. I might have to use those to upcycle a thrifted cashmere cardi... Lots of little 50s floral plastics and a few mother of pearl.

Then onto a basket full of haberdashery bits and pieces. I really liked the "housewife's button box" which clearly every housewife needed containing 24 each of vest buttons, shirt buttons and pyjama buttons!

And then a whole stack of knitting patterns including this classy Jaeger number for two hat and scarf sets - one a natty tartan beret and the other called "A Dutch Cap". How times have changed (this was in the pre - decimalisation pile) - I'm not sure that you would get any self respecting housewife today knitting their own Dutch cap!!

Any way I must away and stitch on some vest buttons. Have a good week everybody!

Love Wend


  1. I'm so jealous! Button's at my thrift stores are so incredibly expensive, it's like they know I'm coveting them. :)