Friday, 24 April 2009

Tales of the riverbank

Well I can't remember when we last had any rain. I've got droopy lupins already and its only April! Hope the fabulous weather we've been having doesn't mean that the April showers are going to come in May! Priority number 1 (my daughter) and I went to Newark a few days ago and it was lovely to sit and enjoy the sunshine outside while having a coffee in the market place with the antique stalls in the background.

There weren't a lot but what was there was beautifully dressed and full of colour. I particularly liked the one below with the gorgeous box of pink threads. This lady had some lovely 1950s pinnies too. I asked if she minded if I took some photos but she was very suspicious and followed closely behind me so I quickly stopped. I'm not sure what her concern was but I didn't want to cause offence.

We had a stroll over to the river Trent and discovered the tiniest pony I'd ever seen - he was no bigger than a dog and looked decidedly lonely according to my companion who suddenly became an expert in the expressions on ponies faces!

Having made all the right noises, listened to 26 reasons why we should try to adopt this bedraggled soft toy and refuted them all,("no you won't be able to take it to university even if we persuade the owner to sell it" - its nice sometimes when you get a glimpse of your little girl when she tries so hard to be so grown up most of the time!) we wandered further along the riverbank to find another sight I'd never witnessed before (Ok so I'm a townie but I'm convinced I have the country in my genes!). A swan on her nest. She was meticulously reaching over to the side of the nest , picking bits of twig and feathers from the edge and I can only say embellishing her boudoir ready for the patter of tiny feet. Her mate appeared to be on patrol gliding proudly up and down the riverside.

It may be a routine sight to many but for me it was a joy to behold. I shall have to go back to watch the progress. I was quite concerned at the open aspect of this nest - does she sleep with one eye open for fear of foxes or will her partner keep watch as she sleeps? Is she safe? How will she protect her cygnets? If anyone knows please let me know!

Love Wend


  1. Hello Wend
    I've just come across your blog and its wonderf
    Looks like we have quite abit in common. Lovely post and good photographs. I would have wanted to take that cuddly soft toy home too!
    Hope I have found another blogging friend.
    Warm Wishes

  2. Hi there, I love your blog, and I hope you dont mind but I've added your blog onto my blogroll on my site.

    Take Care
    Love Melanie xx