Thursday, 9 April 2009

Magnificent magnolias

So what do I do when chief computer engineer (DD) has taken an easter break abroad and despite leaving me an idiot's guide to getting pictures onto the blog I still mess it up! I'd taken some pictures of a delightful magnolia tree in full bloom that I wanted to share. This year's been fabulous for magnolias as we don't seem to have had the frosts that brown the flowers. This year I've watched and marvelled at the opening of the flowers into the current frothiness that they are displaying - like huge marshmallow trees and I could probably plot the best 2 dozen in my area on a map : I've watched them for so many years!

So, a lovely long weekend ahead to sew, plant vegetables , crochet, pick flowers and generally potter around making the most of some of the lovely bits I have squirrelled away until I have time to make them look beautiful. It's amazing how long you can spend doing that isn't it?Add Image
Not to mention the mandatory Easter weekend antiques fair and Sunday's car boot. And yes - I find its like a drug and if I dont get my fix I'm not good to be around. I don't need to spend a lot but I do love finding something to add to one of my collections but they will be the subject of another post. Incidentally, how many items does it take to make a collection?

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