Monday, 20 April 2009

Liberty love!

Sunday started very cold and grey but with the promise of "sunshine later" according to the weather men so I donned a big woolly cardi and set off to my car boot. I like to get there by 7, you never know what you might find, but things weren't looking promising. I picked up the odd crocheted doily (what's happening to me?) and a couple of (pre shiny cover) Ladybird books. Then I spotted a lady selling some fabric along with what appeared to be the contents of her garage - old tools, fishing tackle etc. I ambled over - never good to look too keen and immediately recognised Liberty lawn cotton fabrics - I've loved these for the last 30 years so I recognise the designs. "Rose'n'ubble "she said. "£5 I want". "For how much?" I asked (these were decent sized pieces at nearly a metre each retailing in Liberty at £20 per metre.) " All of it". I suppressed a gasp and decided not to be selective and choosy! " They might be that other one" she said. "Liberty?" I ventured . "That's it" she said "I used to be an overlocker - these are off cuts." I handed over the fiver and they were mine, bundled up and stuffed into my bag.

My luck was changing and I wandered on picking up an old mirror, a lovely floral picture, 2 salt and pepper pots - a Hornsea pair - probably seventies and possibly never used and another pair still in their plastic case - 60s?). Then I was called over to the stall of a ceramics/pottery dealer who said he'd got some "linen stuff look at 'cos I know you like making things". He opened a huge laundry bag of old tablecloths, antimacassars, tray cloths etc. A quick rummage and I could see several projects forming in my mind so they were bought (at less than 50 pence each). Then he produced a box of broken china which he has been saving for me since last summer when I bought a chipped plate from him to use on the chimney pot which I'm mosaicing. (More in another post). He'd told me on several occasions that he had it but I thought it was a wind up! He didn't want anything for it - there were saucers which had lost their cups and cups which had lost their handles or their saucers - he just didn't want to throw them away if somebody could use them! I gratefully accepted!

I just love the part where you get home and spread out all your purchases and have a proper look, washing these unwanted treasures and finding places around your home to incorporate them and make them look as if they've always been there. Not to mention the pleasure of several hand embroidered table cloths hanging on the line! Now just have to go and iron them all...


  1. Oh my word,I'm speechless, you must have had a smile on your face from ear to ear, good for you. Early bird catches the worm......and fancy not knowing what Liberty was, Uh!

  2. "Smoke and Fluff" - I had that book as a child in the 50s - I loved it. I have a vague suspicion that Mum may still have it. I must ask her.

  3. Hi Wendy,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm enjoying reading about all your boot fair finds.
    Hen x