Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Mosaic musings

Does anyone have any good ideas as to how to stick with one work in progress at a time? Or is it totally acceptable to have several on the go? I've realised that I have several (8!)- cushion fronts waiting to have their backs put on . (Desperately avoiding this as I hate buttonholes and zips but that rather defeats the object of making them in the first place!) I also have two Kaffe Fassett tapestries on the go, a patchwork quilt, a crocheted cushion cover and a mosaic chimney pot. Thats just some of the crafts. Not to mention the decorating, half read books and allotment constantly crying out for attention. I'm not complaining :I love having lots of hobbies and I can honestly say I never ever get bored.My chimney pot was a bit over ambitious. I had a white painted chimney pot which I'd taken a dislike to as I prefer the unpainted terracotta look. I browsed a book on mosaicing and decided to give it a go. Perhaps a small plant pot would have been a better start but I didn't think it could be that difficult! I used lots of broken pots, some little tile pieces and a variety of found objects - dominoes, marbles and old broken necklaces. I'm still happy with the whole idea but it certainly needs a lot more work to get it looking anything like I want it to. I put it in the garage over winter in case it got frost damaged and it was only when I cleared the garage last week with my great friend M that I remembered it was in there. So it is now in the garden daring me to have another go and finish it off. I've realised that the trick is to ensure that all the materials are the same thickness so that some aren't raised more than others to reduce problems with grouting. Why didnt I think of that in the first place? Anyway its great fun actually doing it - I'd saved several bits of broken pots and mentioned to friends that I'd like any broken bits they had and bought a few pieces at the car boot for pennies. Then I had a great time wrapping them in a blanket and smashing them with a hammer before sorting out all the bits and pieces and looking for the pieces I wanted to use. I particularly wanted some of the makers marks from the bottom of the pots and some cup handles to add a bit of interest. It's also great for preserving those bits of broken pots that have some sentimental value. I'm hoping that by showing its half finished state here I will feel obliged to finish it off over the summer. Its a great excuse for being outside. Anyway for those who would like to see work by my favourite mosaic artist google Cleo Mussi who was recently featured in Homes and Antiques . Enjoy!

Love Wend

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