Friday, 17 December 2010

Thwarted Christmas preparations...

My Christmas preparations are being thwarted. Yesterday I found myself hugging the road when I slid on its icyness. Having watched in horror as my twisted foot grew and grew it let me down and refused to allow me to stand on it. I had it xrayed and although it isn't broken I'm supposed to be chair bound for the day. This is tres hard for me - I don't do chair bound and certainly not two days before Christmas!

I thought I'd share some pictures of what should have been a Christmas shopping trip a few days ago where I spotted a new White Stuff in town. This put paid to my shopping.

I was surrounded by vintage loveliness and loved the changing rooms which were set out like a street of front doors which when opened revealed hallways all individually decorated and styled...

complete with drainpipe with added rat ...

The walls were covered with kitsch pictures

and they had even thought about keeping the children enteretained with this fish ride ...

and its own little cinema

with seats from an old picture house!

Loving the lift doors...

There were very few Christmas decorations but the pictures had been tweaked with fun

They also had a Magic Mirror - when you try on and want a second opinion you tap in an email address on a pad on the mirror and it e-mails the picture to the address you typed in! I had a go and the picture below is what I emailed to myself - I wasn't trying on - the assistant was so excited about the store she wanted to share everything with me and let me take all these photos.

And the clothes, and the vintage shopping - no idea - didn't spot the clothes and here's hoping foot has improved enough to finish everything off tomorrow. Here's hoping!

Love Wend


  1. what a fab place: my cuppa rosie definately:
    wishing you and your foot better!
    here's to a happy and healthy new year x

  2. So sorry you took a tumble on the ice.Hope your poor foot will be all better for the Big Day.I wouldn't be without my 'get a grips' to stop me slipping, they are just fit them over the soles of your shoes and hey can walk on ice!
    What an amazing shop.
    Wishing you a very happy Christmas! ;0)

  3. Ice-packs!! Best advice I had for a badly twisted ankle, 20 minutes at a time. I do hope you manage to finish all your chores and have a very happy Christmas.
    LOVE that shop.

  4. What a fab shop! Hope the foot gets better soon.. Lizzie x

  5. Oh no take care!

    Loving that place especially the lift doors!

    Hopefully you will be all healed to enjoy Christmas xx


  6. Get that leg up and rest it!! What a great store. Is it in Nottingham? might have to have a visit. xxxx PS And you look lovely by the way. xx

  7. Hope you're up and about by now. We slid slowly into a ditch in our car at the weekend - no-one hurt, car OK, but could do without it a few days before Christmas - have a good one!

  8. Is that you in the photo Wend? Have a super-duper relaxing 'leg in the air' Christmas. Happy Hobbles, LLX

  9. Frozen peas are supposed to be good although who needs peas when theres's plenty of the real stuff outside. Dp hope your ankle will be better soon and in the meantime just delegate! Make the most of your enforced sitting and do some crafting or reading or issuing of orders whilst you can! Have a great Christmas and hope the staff are up to scratch with their delivery of drinks and nibbles when required.


  10. Oh Goodness, poor, poor you! I fell down the stairs a couple of Christmas's ago, (on Christmas Eve) and wrenched my ankle so badly I could barely walk - now, the good thing is that for the first time in 18 years, I didn't cook Christmas dinner, because I couldn't do anything more than lie on the sofa with something alcoholic in my hand. So my partner cooked it (his first time too) with my instructions. Suggest you do the same - and as Jane said, above, make sure the staff look after you properly! :)

  11. Oh dear, how rotten, hope it goes down overnight.

  12. Fantastic store! hope your foot is getting better and you enjoy Christmas Linda x

  13. Wend,
    I doubt an injury will keep a dedicated shopper like you away from the bargains for too long. Love that shop and I remember us having that picture of 'Tina' from the lift doors hanging over the fireplace for quite a few years. My Mum loved it, but it was the 60's and she wasn't alone! Everybody who was anybody had them! Have a great pain free Christmas. Lesley x

  14. I smiled a smile a mile wide when I saw the photo of the lift door....... :O)))))))) Poor you re the foot, it is treatcherous outside here still and my other half has fallen twice. Rest up (hard though it may be) and have a fantastic Christmas Wendy. Lovely to see your photo......

  15. I hope your ankle is on the mend, it sounds very painful.

    Those must be the best ever changing rooms! They make a change from those dingy ones with a curtain that however much you pull it, never completely covers the cubicle or you!

    Have a lovely Christmas xxx

  16. wow what a shop!
    hope your ankle has a fast recovery
    Merry Christmas
    xx fee

  17. Catching up and hoping that your foot healed in time for a little retail therapy.

  18. WEhat a brilliant shop - where is it Wendy, certainly looks like one to put on the list of shops to pay a visit to.
    Hope the foot is feeling a little easier now. Happy 2011

  19. Ouch, sounds painful and very inconvenient. Hope you are soon on the road to recovery.

    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog - I am likewise going to read your old posts and I will be back regularly too! Happy Birthday & Happy New Year!