Sunday, 12 December 2010

Eye candy...

Time to get out the baubles then. I paused when I looked at the boxes which were lovely in their own right...

The one with windows overlaying the holly one is getting quite tatty and I was about to bin it when I notes the decorations around the side - so nicely faded I'm tempted to turn them into gift tags!

Couldn't help but take pictures of my baubles. Why would folk throw them out? As I've collected them over the years people complain that "they have lost their end bits" or are chipped so they are getting rid. I just smile and hand over my pennies (I don't pay much). I can always find "an end bit" (what is that bit called?) from another bauble to swap and give it a new lease of life if that is all that's wrong.

They invariably come with their old means of attaching them to the tree and that always makes me smile too - today I've removed string, wool, thread, twisted paper clips (which is a great idea for the s shape required - try it!) and pipe cleaners!

Just lovely eye candy...

With more than emough for the tree I'm working on different ideas to display them - not sure that this works - may move them into a glass trifle bowl...

After playing about I went to a craft fair and passed a shop selling these baubles.
£40!!! I had to smile smugly to myself and be glad that I am an early riser. All those early get ups to go to the car boot certainly pay off don't they?

I'm a fan of Rob Ryan's work and thought I'd share these things found in John Lewis. If you're short of inspiration see the "Please smell us" vase...

the "Believe in People" mug ...

And the Duo-mugs - (not sure what happens when you break one)carrying the legend
"All of these words are worth less than the breath to say them if we cannot be together". The words do not continue round the mug - they have to stand side by side to read the full message. Sweet!

Have a great week!



  1. Love the baubles - who wants shiny new ones in a single colour scheme when you can have all these lovely mixed ones? I love the ones under the glass dome and they are protected there too aren't they?


  2. Fab collection of baubles, and yes the packaging's far too nice to throw away. I love Rob Ryan too x

  3. What a fabulous collection. I'm very jealous.

  4. Beautiful decorations so colourful and sparkly and old what more can you ask for they come with Charm attached ;-) And £40 there having a laugh its complete madness. Enjoy putting yours up. Have a lovely week Dee x

  5. I wonder if we were having the same thoughts at the same time: you see I was standing touching the ones you sent me and I was looking at the different strings etc used to hang them all, all part of other people's Christmases (is that how you "do" the plural of Christmas??). I also love Rob Ryan's work. Love the mugs that need to be together.

  6. Ooohh eye candy indeed!! I adore those old glass baubles, they seem to retain the magic of yesteryear with their shiny glamour and rich colour.
    I was looking at Rob Ryan's things in John Lewis yesterday, I do like his style I must say, very fresh!

    Love Julia x x x

  7. Love the baubles but love those mugs even more - what a good idea!

  8. Wend,
    I love these old Christmas baubles. I so remember hanging them on the tree with good old paperclips . We have a couple of really old ones left and will haul them out again this week when we decorate the tree. Each one has a specific memory attached to it.I have never seen them for sale in charity shops or boot sales so good on you for finding them and giving them a loving home! Lesley

  9. Lovely baubles I recognise some that I have in my collection the old ones are definitely the best I hate the plastic ones and wont allow them on my tree and tinsel is a no-no too
    xx fee