Wednesday, 29 December 2010

My walking stick, eye candy and me

Tomorrow will be my umpteenth birthday and I propose to throw off the walking stick I've been using for the last week. It hasn't been an easy week. I'm lucky in that I'm rarely ill so my fall has rather put me out of sorts as I've been unable to operate in the same way as usual. Thanks to all those who offered soothing words and advice although I didn't have much success with the ice packs.

I'm hoping to visit the Rob Ryan exhibition in Stafford tomorrow. I won't be going in a boot and a slipper as I did when I went to hospital where I discovered my hopping days were long over as I failed to move forwards and just managed to hop on the spot!

I have spent more time in a chair and thought I'd share with you the two books that have been keeping me entertained

Etc. by Sibella Court a stylist whose work I like ...

She couldn't be asid to be a "less is more" person as she uses lots of her collections in her room sets. Reviews on Amazon vary from one extreme to another with some folk hating her style and others loving it.

The book itself is a delight with a typewriter font (which I like and others hate)and lots of brown paper interspersed with glassine paper and countless pictures.

Lots of evidence of subdued effects - feathers, mother of pearl buttons, twigs and stones...

natural bristle brushes

and who else collects barbed wire in its different forms to such good effect? (Note to self - must pick up barbed wire next time I'm out!).

I've also, in totol contrast been enjoying Brian Cooks Landscapes of Britain. Many of you will recognise his style from the countless posters and book jackets designed by him in the 1930s.

The book is a celebration of his work and is a delight from cover to cover.

These are a couple of his book jacket designs...

I love the palette he uses which is so eveocative of the 1930s.

The last photo is of one of my own Brian Cook book jackets - somewhat faded and battered but tomoorw I shall take his advice, take to the road and "See the Country"! Well the bit that falls between Nottingham and Stafford anyway!


  1. I love Brian Cook's artwork too - I've been on the look out for the Batsford travel books from the 30s and 40s with their original dust jackets, but yet yet to find one complete. His work is so simplistic, yet striking with such an original use of colour.

  2. I love the 30s railway posters and these books are wonderful. I have never seen any of these travel books with original dust jackets, yours is lovely.Hope you are properly back on your feet soon.
    Ann x

  3. Wend,
    Although I am very familiar with the style of these posters I never knew they were the work of a particular artist. I shall be looking at his work in more detail now. You might enjoy looking at the work of Margaret Calkin James athough her posters are a bit earlier. Similarly, I have read about Sibella Court via other blogs but have resisted the temptation of the book..... so far.... but I think I might just check it out as I love photos of collections of things. Hope the foot improves soon and do tell about Mister Rob's exhibition. Lesley x

  4. So sorry to hear about your foot but lovely to get lost in a book or two. I hadn't heard of Sibella Court but I think I'd like to hear and see more.
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow have a lovely day out.
    Jo x

  5. Happy Birthday and enjoy the exhibition. Hope that you will soon be fully recovered.

  6. Hello in reply to my last comment - I have been to workshops at Hope and Elvis quite regularly - I love it. Love the travel pictures you may be interested in an exhibition in the Millenium Gallery Sheffield its art from between the wars and has some great pieces of work including some Shell travel posters. Not sure when it finishes. Its free to get in - might be worth checking their website. I found it accidently and really enjoyed looking around.

  7. Happy (*"!th)Birthday for tomorrow and enjoy tghe exhibition too!
    Sorry to hear about your foot but, even that has had it's plus side eh?
    I remember the posters at the Blood Donor sessions, on the ceilings above the couches (Castle Boulevard Nottingham) I bet they are still there!

    Sandie xx

  8. Glad to hear that you are ditching the stick! Hope you enjoy the Rob Ryan. His exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park was amazing. When I wrote about it on my blog, he left me a comment ! I was thrilled. xxx

  9. so glad your foot is improving, sorry the ice didn't help - I guess it depends on the type of injury - not easy to tell over a blog - ha ha.
    Hope you have a lovely birthday and enjoy the Rob Ryan. Your books look fascinating, I especially like the Brian Cooks

  10. dearest wend, it seems so long since last i visited ,i hop (sic) your foot is better now. Here's wishing you and niobe a belated happy crimbo and I hope 2011 is everything you dream for and more....



  11. Have a wonderful birthday. I am another Rob Ryan fan........... Love the page in the Sibella Court book with the brown paper rosette. Just love brown paper really.......... Hope that foot is on the mend. Happy New Year to you and Niobe.

  12. Just ordered 'etc' from Amazon. Thanks for the tip-off Wend. Happy Hopping New Year. Hope you're striding purposefully about soonest. LLX

  13. Happy Birthday Wend,

    Hope you enjoyed the exhibition, thats why I couldn't get hold of you.

    Hope you managed with your foot ok.
    speak soon

  14. Hi, is it you who've just followed me? I can't see a link to find you but good old google. If you joined ages ago, sorry but anyway welcome to my blog!

    Love the barbed wire, i've got some somewhere butnot beautifully dispayed like that & didn't realise it came in different designs! I also have an old station (?) lantern hanging in my dining room. i'm not really a 'vintage' person, just bargain second hand wood kind of person. They call me a 'shite hawk' up here! Anyway, please comment then i have a link, thanks.

    Happy New Year! (& happy birthaday;)

  15. Lovely blog! Happy you found me :) Like yours too! coming back soon *****

    ***Happy New Year to you***