Saturday, 16 October 2010

Thrifting thrills!

I've had some great fabric finds recently and I have to keep gazing at them but more of these later.

A few weeks ago I had a car boot to "thin out" and on the next stall to me I saw this. Intrigued I looked inside. Aha - a vintage picnic hamper!

I love the way there are little clips for the salt and pepper to slot under to stop spillages.

It wasn't complete - it had a suacer and its cutlery missing and there was a large gap whic I assumed held food containers. I wasn't too sure about the plastic tablecloth. The case was sound so I decided to buy it as we'd done well on our own stall.

I googled the name on the label - Brexton - which I now know to be one of the main hamper/picnic manufacturers. In fact when I went to the war re-enactment several vintage cars had such hampers on their back seats. I'm going to try to make mine a complete set. I will have to replace the plastic cloth with a nice checked 50s one though! One has standards!

These shots are just eye candy for the barkcloth and vintage fabric lovers amongst you...

Loving the pink flowers on the grey back ground on this one

Not sure what you call this fabric - anyone know? Its more of a "waffle" weave than the barkcloth

This is a lovely pair of curtains which I may have to upcycle into something else...

The colour in this one is still incredibly vibrant for its age...

And just look at this which I found in a charity shop recently - a real 50s gem

Now look at the price! Didn't I do well!

Spending some time now gearing up for the Vintage fair at Kingsley, Northampton this weekend. Hope to see you there!


  1. Love the fabrics. Good luck with the Vintage Fair!


  2. Lovely lovely lovely lovely . You did really well. xxxx

  3. oOoH I am in love with your fabrics AND I will be at the fair - my daughter Amy of Blighty Boutique is having a stall there and I am going in my roll as official spendthrift! Can't wait to look through your fabrics xx

  4. ooh loving it!! That Picnic Hamper is such a great find!!!
    Enjoy your weekend hun x x
    Annie x

  5. Wow what amazing fabric your so very lucky its so hard to find vintage fabric here especialy as lovely as yours i am sooo jealous ;-) What a gorg hamper to, enjoy re vamping it they are great items. Dee ;-)

  6. I'm loving all the fabrics and I shall be at the fair on Saturday, so looking forward to seeing them in the flesh, so to speak!

  7. Aah barkcloth love it!

    You have some corkers there!


  8. That's such a charming picnic set - just the thing for going to an opera outdoors.

  9. Great finds! Good Luck with the fair....

  10. Oh, I love bark cloth, the pink and grey is lovely. Looking forward to catching up with you on Saturday.
    Ann x

  11. what fun you'll have refitting your picnic set.
    Love the 'modern' 50s fabric - it is so 'off the wall' with the blue roses over the geometric shapes.

  12. Love all those floral fabrics..and the picnic hamper was a great find! I bought a basket one and sadly dropped it and one of the plates smashed,so I'm looking for a replacement.Funnily enough I've never actually used it for picnics,as it's so heavy no one wants to carry it! ;o)

  13. That hamper looks soooo well-made! They knew how to do things properly back in the day, didn't they. Love love love that last fabric with flower on top of patches .... has given me an idea for a design!

  14. You've done really well there ! I used to adore those fabrics when I was at college & make clothes from them. We literally went round wearing our curtains - like in The Sound Of Music !!!

  15. What a wonderful selection of lovely finds!
    I am not around for the Fair this time, (boo), so will miss having a chat with you. Still, hope it all goes well and have a great day.
    Z xx

  16. Thank you for your lovely comment and following creJJtion! These fabrics are just wonderful... love them.