Sunday, 10 October 2010

Goose Fair

Niobe realised that this time next year she wouldn't be around for the fair so we decided to go along as it was dry and warm on Friday evening. We haven't been for at least 10 years as we aren't keen on the rides. I however love the lights and the buzz.

Fancy a bungee jump?

Or mushy peas - does anyone else know where there's a stall that just sells mushy peas? I think its just a local thing!

I love all the colours of the fair - this was on the side of a carousel horse...

There are dozens of stalls where you can win a stuffed Pickachu (no they haven't moved on!) or any other Disney character.

This is my favourite shot of the evening - such a superior looking chap isn''t he?

I've always wanted to take some aerial shots so was disappointed to see that the Big Wheel had been replaced by an "Eye" with enclosed cars. Still if that was the only way - I'd have to do it! Fortunately there were little windows open so I was able to stick my arm out for these shots and was quite pleased with the results!

As the summer cools and the mornings start to get a little chilly and foggy we locals say "it's Goose Fair weather" - usually the required clothing would include wellies and a hat but not this year.

Although we haven't had the weather you've had in the south it really was pleasant to be outside.

And where does the Goose come into it? Well it doesn't anymore. 700 years of Goose Fairs have changed this annual market of farmers trading their geese into nothing more than a huge money spinning venture. (I admit to offering double pocket money in the past rather than take Niobe and waste a lot of money - just as my father did with me!) (I know - how mean is that?) I was however suprised that there weren't the crowds there used to be. Is that due to the recession or the fact there there is so much choice these days and that people will go on holiday to Disneyland, or have day trips to Alton Towers etc? I have to say that at £4 a ride it would bust most budgets!

Still if you can be determined not to spend too much it's great for a splash of colour and a bit of local life.(Didn't see any coconut shies though or goldfish in plastic bags!)

Hope you've enjoyed your trip to the fair!

Have a good week!



  1. Great photos Wend, I remember going once years ago but like you I just like the spectacle and not the rides.
    Ann x

  2. Having just been up to Newark - I saw this advertised on the local news & was intrigued. In France they have big fairs like this & they are usually very well attended. Thank you for sharing some great pix!

  3. Great pictures - love the ones from the big wheel :)

    £4 a ride is in the region of ouch - such a shame, am sure they'd make just as much money if the prices were cheaper.

    Yuck @ mushy peas - vile things

  4. They're great photos and I love the carousel horses and cockerel - its always my favourite ride along with the dodgems.

    P.S. I agree with Vicky re: mushy peas!

  5. I did I did! Preferred it to actually being there as I like the colour but not the noise! Looks good fun though at £4 a ride it sounds a very expensive evening out!


  6. Ive not been to the Goose fair for years!! I had my first date with my first husband at the Goose Fair!! Should have pushed him off the top of the big wheel!!!

  7. Great photos, Wend. I really enjoyed the fair - still love carousel horses - but was glad not have to fork out the £4, gosh inflation has really hit!

  8. Oh, you are brave, I couldn't go up in one of those things and take those photos. They are terrific.

  9. Wonderful photos. I haven't mastered the art of taking night shots.... mine never come out.....

  10. I share your views on fairs they have lost their charm and have become so big and brash. I think I'd much rather see geese being traded. I have never taken my children to a big fair is that bad? However we do love old carousels, the big wheel and the helter skelter.

    However your images really capture the atmosphere and your night with Niobe.

  11. Oh, now you've done it ... I am remembering my student days at Nott'm Uni, going to the Goose Fair each year!

  12. I so enjoyed my 'trip' to the fair. Thank you! We used to have St Crispins Fair; they closed the town centre and there'd be rides in amongst the shops, it was brilliant, but 'elf & safety stuck its' great big oar in! Hey-ho! I don't like to go on the rides, but they look good. And, no, I have never seen a mushy pea stall, but I don't like 'em anyway!
    Z xx