Saturday, 23 October 2010

Not the Horrockses Exhibition - when all is not what it seems!

The point at which I despair having realised I've I turned up at the Fashion and Textile Museum to see the Horrockses exhibition - on a day when it is closed!

Marshalsea Road - when I realise I'm not Little Dorrit walking towards the workhouse - I'm lost in London. Again. Fortunately I'm rescued by a Swedish lady lighting designer - yes we had a long chat as she returned me to where I needed to be and I'm reminded of the kindness of strangers...

Not a Vintage Yard at all!

Decided to turn the day into an opportunity to explore the parts other trips hadn't reached and wandered through the LBQ (apparently London Bridge Quarter) wondering at the massive block of glass reaching up into the sky imaginitively called The Shard.

Not a gallery

Not a normal city - a vertical city - clearly there is a vision for LBQ. I feel as if Ive been tranported into another world where all is not what it seems.

I cross the river to find Brick Lane and the confusion continues as I wander into what appeares to be lovely market building (Leadenhall Market)but it's filled, and I mean filled, with men in suits. Feeling completely out of place in jeans and a tweed jacket I scurry through neglecting to take a picture feeling very much the outsider.

I emerge into a sea of glass and sport a vacant look as I face another world I don't recognise.

Walls of glass and metal surround me with sunlight bouncing between buildings but the world is suddenly black and white and devoid of colour. I walk on traipsing along Fenchurch Street and Whitechapel. Ah - names I recognise - I'm walking around a Monopoly Board. Suddenly I'm in a different world again and rather than brandishing my camera and snapping wildly I clutch it in my pocket. Lost again I ask a lady with a vintage bike with a basket on the front for help. (I find being careful in my choice of help pays dividends). This lady also obligingly walked me to where I wanted to be. "Brick Lane" she said - "you walked way past it - its not called Brick Lane at the start but Osborne Steet". Ah that explains it! Silly me!

Brick Lane was a complete contrast with lots of colour and some great street art which I'm directed to by this helpful gentleman

Have I entered the after life?

and just look at this one - wow !

Not a parking spot! Parking in the area is clearly an issue with threats of retribution should one park in the wrong spot!

The heavens open and brollyless and dripping I tramp back to the tube and make my way to Anthropologie which I love for its ideas but which is ridiculously expensive to a thrifter like me!

Not a chandelier - but a collection of upcycled bottle tops.

She muses that the release from the strictures of timetables and letting adventure in can be quite liberating as she falls exhausted into the arms of Bacchus and Morpheus...


  1. My son works in Brick Lane......... he is a suit wearer, but with a twist: he sports dreadlocks too! For a totally different "look" at Brick Lane from years ago, take a peep at:
    A lovely silent movie set there......

    I LOVE a day in London, but sadly haven't had one this year.

  2. What a great time you had! Sometimes it's good to find somewhere you didn't know isn't it? Loved the wall paintings - must try and find that area myself next time I am alone in London! London is an amazing city I find and full of surprises round every corner is something you would never have dreamed of and I can't help wondering if any one person can really truly KNOW London.


  3. Hi Wendy, it was lovely to meet you yesterday at the vintage fair! We had a great day and i hope you did well too! love Annie x

  4. stunning photos, thanks for sharing xx froogs xx

  5. Sorry to hear that you didn't see the Horrockses exhibition. I went 2 weeks ago. Like you I wandered around, getting lost despite having my 30 year old London A-Z with me! I was amazed by the Shard, especially the way it dwarfed Guys Hospital opposite. I ended up at Portobello rather than Brick Lane!

  6. Hi I think it's amazing how we probably know other cities better than our own. (I do have an issue with what I call the London/and the rest of us divide, which is probably why I don't go very often, prefering the sea), but how great to get on a train and mooch about with no restrictions,and unearthing architecture. I have a long overdue appointment with Anthropologie. Have you seen the food hall in Harrods, the tiling is amazing?!
    I have now missed the Sanderson & Horrocks's exhibitions. :-(

  7. Lovely to meet you at the vintage fair. Hope you had a good day. Love the pics of the street art x

  8. Looks as if you had a great day 'in town' even if it wasn't what yo were expecting to do. You have a great set of pictures here.

  9. What a fun post - love all the things you saw!

  10. What adventures you do have - always getting lost or losing something, or finding something you weren't even looking for! Thank goodness for all those kind strangers.

  11. Fabulous post & I had to giggle. NOT the day you planned but a great day after all !