Monday, 21 December 2009

Today's the day!

17.47, 21st December 2009

A great moment for those with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

The Winter Solstice occurred!

From today the days will get slightly longer...

I don't hate winter as such and love the snow (if I don't have to drive).

But I struggle with leaving home in the dark in the morning and coming home in the dark.

And I hate working in an office with black blinds which block out the light.

I crave the daylight all week and soak it up at weekends.

But the passing of the solstice at 17.47 made me dance around the kitchen.

Now I can celebrate christmas!


  1. Just been catching up with all your posts. We have been quite snowed in here but it is better today. It's that old fashioned snow which leaves great piles of icy ruts in the road that cars spin off, haven't seen it like that for a while, so here's to those longer days. Hope you have a great Xmas.

  2. Oh I love that teacup image! All my crockery will hang from trees henceforth.

  3. I feel exactly the same although I work from home now ... I spent years in dingy offices gasping for daylight ..... winter wonderland round my way this evening and wonder if it will last till Friday .... we won't starve if it does and I really don't care if I don't have to go out again till next week. Have a good Christmas

  4. LOvely post such cahrming pics. I do so know what you mean about daylight and let out a cheer today to think that from now on the evenings will get a little lighter. It's the one thing I miss about living in France - with their time being an hour ahead of ours the winter afternoons were a little longer (the mornings were dark of course but as retirees that didn't matter to us!)

    Have a lovely Christmas.


  5. A crockery tree? genius, where can I get one!

    Merry Christmas lovely, glad you are dancing around your kitchen it is a nice image,

    Sarah x

  6. There's a cafe in Totnes and just outside they have a tree with cups hanging from it..I must take a pic when I next go there!
    Have a very happy Christmas! ;-)

  7. Hi Wend! Love your Spode cup hanging on a snowy tree! Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year! xx

  8. Hurrah for the Solstice - looking forward to lighter evenings :)

    Merry Christmas

    Vicki xxx

  9. ah yes, but more important than seasonal change and welcome light and snow..the pressing question...have you bought your presents yet?

  10. We may not see much differnce in the length of the days yet, but the very thought of a few minutes more daylight every day is cheering.
    And the snow does make everything seem brighter!

  11. Blue skies and snow - winter wouldn't be so bad if it was like this, but it is the weeks of grey cloud that are so miserable - hope you get some sunshine over the holiday.

  12. Merry Christmas hun! hope to meet again in 2010! Hope you and your Gorgeous Girly have a WOnderful Christmas!
    Love the Teacup in the Tree!!

  13. Hi Wends, I have had problems lately leaving you messages! Don't know if its me or you. Anyway, I'm with you - I love it when we have got the longest night out of the way. I loved your post about Grimethorpe Brass Band. Brass Bands always make me cry. I live not too far from "Grimey" (and it is a bit grimey) - Brassed Off is one of my favorite films. Like The Full Monty, I find it very much like Northern Life (used to be) - very hard, very sad, and at the same time hilariously funny. Both films are true masterpieces of our times. I went to see Sir Cliff with my Mum (but I have to confess to being a big fan of his - I was brought up listening to all his records!!). I also dragged my mum along to see Barry Manilow and The Osmonds (just last year!! I was 13 all over again!!). Hubby and I swear we will never wear beige. xxxxx Hope this posts!!!