Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas in a cell?

8.00am to the post office and sainsburys for missed parcels and final bits.

9.30 home, coffee and list writing

10.15 - hoovering interrupted by loud knocking at the door. A burly man in a high vis jacket with black epaulettes. Stomach turned - a policeman at the door. I stared preparing myself for the worst.

"Is that your car outside?"

"Yes that's mine."

"Have you put petrol in it this morning?"

"Yes - - Oh my God - I havent' paid!!!" Hand flies to mouth - "I can't believe I did that". Suddenly became a gabbling wreck as I pulled off my slippers to put on shoes promising to pay immendiately and wondering what was going to happen next. Christmas in a cell?

"Don't worry" he said. "Just pop down and pay and we'll say no more. Don't panic get yourself a drink and calm down!"

I hurtled down to the shop and confessed to being the appalling woman who had forgotten to pay. The ladies there were great - told me not to worry - it's not a problem - it happens!

So sorry I said. I really must be menopausal!

Hope Christmas doesn't addle your brain!

Thank you to all you lovely bloggers , your messages and wonderful posts. I love being part of this community and look forward to much more in 2010.

Have a fabulous Christmas!

Love Wend


  1. Thank God I'm not the only one losing my marbles! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. LOL ... can happen to anyone!
    Merry Christmas Wend
    Carolyn xx

  3. Whoops! If I drove it would the sort of thing I'd do!!

    Hope the rest of Christmas is calmer :)

    Vicki xx

  4. Oooh bless you - hope your heart beat and blood pressure is back to normal now - so almost been there myself.

  5. OOPS! Glad to hear you didn't end up in a cell. Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday.

  6. Glad you managed to avoid porridge for Christmas dinner!!!

    Hope you enjoyed your day after you brush with the law

    Victoria xx

  7. Oh My Goodness!
    Glad all was sorted and you didn't have to be bailed out!
    Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas.
    Lisa xx

  8. I've not done it - more by luck than judgement I think - but often wondered what would happen if I did.

    Glad you weren't 'banged up' over Christmas - hope you had a lovely time.

    Sue x

  9. oh well at least it was the end of 09 and not the start of 2010!
    I like to think that eccentricity is a stylish and interesting trait in a woman of a certain age !
    Happy new year

  10. Oh, poor you. What a shock to find a policeman at your door. Boy, don't they move fast for the non-violent stuff?!!
    Glad everything was resolved peacefully.
    I LOVE the dog wreath. xx

  11. Sounds like something I'd do, drive off without paying!! Hope you're having a lovely Christmas Lucey xx

  12. how kind of them to let you know that way! its funny how we can go around in auto pilot sometimes!

  13. Yup! That sounds like a menopausal "moment!"............. Hope it didnt spoil Christmas though.