Thursday, 8 October 2009


Yesterday I worked at Somerset House in London so took the opportunity to visit ORIGIN The London Craft Fair which is being held in the courtyard this week and next. It consists of 300 makers showing their work over two weeks - one set of designers this week and another set next week. After picking myself up off the floor at the £10 entry - I know I'm mean - I handed over my money and browsed for a couple of hours. I know we all have our favourites when it comes to crafts and most of mine centre around textiles and anything vintagey so I thought I'd share a couple of designers that were new to me along with an old favourites. (With apologies to the ceramics and jewellery lovers but there is plenty for them too at the fair!) - Love the name, love the product, lovely lady!

Lisa Tilley makes "vintage bespoke accessories using reclaimed materials". I loved all these old bags combined with bits of maps, pictures and old patterns. The picture above was taken at the fair but the ones below are her pictures taken from the internet (as agreed with her)

Aren't they fabulous - she has actually embroidered the cross stitch design on this one.

Too gorgeous to use but then I just love the idea of standing at a carousel just to be able to shout - that one's mine!!

Then "Smith and Coates"

This lady makes the most gorgeous childrens clothes from recycled woolen jumpers and her own details - liberty fabric trims and beautiful crochet edging. The first picture is from the website but the other two were taken at the fair and haven't turned out as well as I'd have liked.

The colours are beautifully muted and soft - it made me wish my gorgeous girl was 10 years younger!

And in case you haven't come across her before I must introduce you to Jennifer Collier who makes dresses and corsages and 50s bathing hats and shoes and brooches and more from found bits and pieces... (These are picures from her site - again agreed with Jennifer yesterday)

For the woman lacking a sense of direction or for someone who knows exactly where she's going - a pair of stilettoes made from an old map.

A paper hat or hair pin (waterproofed just in case its brolly weather)

And finally a dress made from postage stamps... Those of you who have visited before will know I have a whole stash of stamps waiting to be used...No I don't think I'll be attempting anything quite like this - I know my limitations. I'll stick to covering the odd wastepaper bin. I've followed Jennifer's work for a couple of years now and have a couple of her brooches. I'd love to have one of the dresses in a box frame.

Hope you're finding things to brighten your week! Do you have any favourite designers to share?

Love Wend


  1. If I owned a wonderful suitcase like that, I'd send my valet to the carousel to pick it up rather than wait there myself. I'm so impressed by all this creativity. Thanks for your kind comment!

  2. What brilliant finds! I agree a tenner is a bit steep! but what gorgeous things I love everything you showed a especially the childrens clothes as my sister and I are doing something similar with liberty trims! Thanks for the inspiration,
    Love Sarah x

  3. I did enjoy your's worth the money to see work up close and personal but still steep.x

  4. I am just about licking the screen looking at these beautiful, beautiful things....... THANK YOU!

  5. Wow, I just love those bags and cases, must visit her website.
    Ann x

  6. lovely stuff there , i'm off now to check out those websites, especially love everything about uoldbag and ANYTHING made using maps is cool by me....thanks so much for your comments, i love getting them , i commented on my comments but i never know where one should comment on comments ! but what i said was i love your idea of naming them and thanks to philippa at 5ft the ra ra one is going to be called 'errant teenage' all the best elaine
    ps the notion of you clambering over the carousel ,,to proudly reclaim you bag is very funny .....i,

  7. Wow! What wonderful stuff! £10's a bit steep, but what a wonderful show, doesn't it just get your creative juices flowing!

    X Vicky x

  8. What a beautiful, inspiring post, thank you for sharing some wonderfuly creative people with me. I have to say I adore the stamp dress, so cute. Do you think it would be wearable ;)


  9. Wow! Wow! Wow! What an incredible assortment of beautiful things! I particularly love the suitcases. Turns out she's from Bedford - very near me! Thanks for sharing, glad you had a great day out at the exhibition. Lucy x

  10. oh wow!
    I do love those suitcases..... desire.... desire!
    And the dress made of stamps, is as you predicted, right up my street! I love that dress! Thank you for sharing this with us!
    Happy days

  11. Agree £10 is steep - but everything is so beautiful.

    I love the shoes made from maps and the stamps dress!

  12. oh my goodness! I'm gutted I missed Origin now! I love the postage stamp dress! It is a work of art! i want it on my wall!

    re the sofa, if its any consellation it is seriously uncomfortable! We are actually planning to buy a 'normal' sofa this weekend, and just have this one as a 'for show' sofa!
    It does look fab though! ;)