Thursday, 22 October 2009

A change is as good as a rest!

I thought that this week would give me chance to catch my breath and unwind but it doesn't seem to be working out like that! Still it has been lovely spending some time with my daughter (when she hasn't been writing essays!). Yesterday we ventured into our town centre and discovered this new shop. With a name like this I thought it had to be worth a look!

The windows were intriguing : wire mannequins draped with scarves,

an astronaut helmet TV - (all the rage after the moon landings years ago!)and lots of 60s pieces of furniture,

an old typewriter and lots of albums,

a sixties mirror and more.

I had to smile when I saw the price tag on the mirror - £75! I picked up one of these at the car boot a couple of weeks ago for £1 and it's now hanging on my wall! (below)

But I digress. Tucked in several of the vignettes were shoes. Old shoes, new shoes and upside down shoes? I'd love a pair of these for sitting in a ladylike style with my legs crossed just so that anyone looking could admire my soles!

We went in and I was intrigued at the collection of items for sale. I really like the eclectic mixture of items and felt the whole place had really made an effort to be different. I'm so tired of city centres all having the same shops on them that it really made a pleasant change to see the shoes being sold amongst vintage pieces of furniture, old musical instruments and album covers - there were some great chests of drawers for less than the price that people might spend at IKEA but they were real conversation pieces. I'm afraid I didn't buy anything. I've got rather too used to car boot prices for my bits of vintage and I was probably 30 years too old to be wearing any of the shoes, but I know I'll be drawn back!

Later, thoughts turned to the Vintage and Homemade fair in Northampton on 7th November where I shall be standing. I was really pleased when Annie (Vintage at the Corner House) set this up as it's much closer to me than the fair at Chipping Sodbury which I'd also love to go to. There seems to be lots of vintage activity in the South West but little up here in the East Midlands... For more details check out Annie's blog - see side bar. Hope some of you will be able to make it!

I'm a Kaffe Fassett and Liberty fabric lover as you can see from my stash pictures. I've been assembling some of the things I'll take to the fair ready for pricing and packing.

Lots of my covered coat hangers, vintage tins,


I know repetitive pictures but please indulge me - I've made a lot of these over the years and I always cover the hooks and despite still using some I made in 1982 the binding hasn't unravelled! My gorgeous girl even asked for a lesson on making them last night and was really pleased with herself when she completed her first Cath Kidston fabric hanger!

More assembling of lovely china duos and trios, cake stands, buttons, hankies, butter and cheese dishes, preserve pots and some lovely kitsch 50s pinnies.

You may remember that I bought this eiderdown cover at Swinderby in the summer. This was one of my more expensive purchases but I love the fabric and need to make it go a long way!

I decided to cover some buttons in this fabric and add them to one of my thrifted cashmere cardigans. I refuse to pay full price but I do have a weakness for cashmere. Several of the buttons had got lost so the cardigan was languishing in the back of the wardrobe. It now has a complete set of thrifted eiderdown buttons and I'm quite pleased with the way it's turned out. The pinks match better than it appears in the photo!

Hope that you're having a good week and for those who have half term next week - it's not long now! I'm loving this "time off" thing!
Love Wend


  1. Blimey, you've been busy! Those coat hangers are great. Hope you do really well at the fair; you've got some great stuff.

  2. ooh those buttons look lovely. Have a good half term. DD is going to sleep all week. GG has been doing essays ? Where are DD's then ? !

  3. What a lovely selection of goodies - right up my street!

  4. Your coat hangers and pin cushions are just gorgeous and the 'new' buttons look fab on your cardi.
    Enjoy what's left of the week off, we've got half term next week and then I return to work the following week after 19 months off! How will I fit that in?!
    Lisa x

  5. A super post again. Aren't those shoes just fabulous! I am lucky enough to literally be on the doorstep of the Chipping Sodbury Vintage And Handmade Fair, and am so pleased to see from other blogs that these affairs are spreading across to the country so that others can attend. You have some gorgeous cups and saucers..... (wistful and ever so slightly covetous sigh.................) x

  6. Thank you for your lovely comment. I'm glad to have found your blog as you have some wonderful posts and some beautiful makes.

    I just love the butterflies!

  7. I think your stall will look fantastic, i'd be heading straight for it...your buttons look really pretty ,I'm hoping you'll give us all a tutorial ?

    ps love 'floordrobe ' my gorgeous girl has one of them

  8. Hi there
    I'm just loving your cardi with the new buttons, and your pin cushions are great.
    You have a lovely blog and good luck with the fair.
    Have a great half term

  9. Sounds like you have had a great week. Your covered hangers are lovely, so colourful and individual. Not long now till the fair, I am going to have to spend this weekend getting my stuff ready. There is still a lot to do and Deb and I are doing the Bike Bazaar next weekend to promote the fair.
    Ann x

  10. Lovely blog and thanks for visiting mine. Have a great time at the CL fair and as I'm not too far from Northampton I'm off to take a look at Annie's blog for more info. Lovely makes too ... that vintage fabric is gorgeous. Have a great weekend x

  11. Just love to drool over the photo's! Everything looks just great.

    x Vicky x

  12. What a stunning collection of things you have to take to Northampton - I was in Peterborough this week and only wish I'd timed imy visit to coincide with the 7th Nov as I'd have loved to visit.


  13. Thank you for your lovely comments - your things are lovely too! So good that there is going to be a Vintage & Handmade Fair further north at last! I shall be at the North Norfolk Christmas Market that weekend but, hopefully, there will be another in the Spring? Rebecca x

  14. Thank you for the comment that you left for me! And for the tip about the fair in Northampton; I shall see if I can make it as it is not too far from me!
    Hannah x

  15. Thank you so much for lovely comments.
    Drooling over your items for sale, especially all the lovelies that you have made. Good luck with your sales on the day, not long to go!

  16. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! It's always nice to make new friends!

    I'm the same as you, I love popping in these cute shops and smiling smugly at seeing something for a ridiculously expensive price tag and knowing I've picked one up from the boot sale for a few pence!

    Have a great week

    Victoria xx

  17. i love your eye for vintage and handmade! your fabrics are gorgeous and i love your coathangers - very intrigued as to how you get the hook binding to stay intact... wish i could make it to the fair.

    thanks so much for visiting me. i'll be sure to come back and see you!

  18. What a fantastic selection! I have spotted so many beautiful fabrics! I can see that I could have had a great spending spree in there. Lucky you to have such a lovely shop nearby. Love the apron on picture 14, the one to the left!
    Isabelle x

  19. What a lovely host of items for your stand at Vintage and Handmade. The coathangers are terrific and obviously so well made. All of the padded coathangers that I have ever had unravel eventually! Best wishes (and good luck on the day) Lesley

  20. I love your pinnies and your hangers! Good luck at the fair! I'm sure you'll do well with all those gorgeous goodies!

  21. A lady after my own heart! So many things to make and so little time...

  22. Hi there
    I have just found your blog & love it, we must be kindred spirits!
    I certainly agree with you about the lack of fairs in our area, I am seriously contemplating starting one near me !