Sunday, 18 October 2009

Magic, cutlery and china!

The picture below is for all those who are mourning the loss of summer. Today I spotted this lovely lupin catching the autumn rays oblivious to the fact it's way beyond its season! Nevertheless it was lovely to see one of the lovely blue spires on 18th October!(don't look too closely at the leaves which are less than perfect and a bit mildewy!).

What a relief - I and the gorgeous girl have finally made it to half term. She started 6th form this term and we have both had an extremely busy few weeks. I'm having this week off with her for some time to catch up with ourselves and for me to try and sort out some goodies for the Homemade and Vintage fair in Northampton on 7th November. We'll be baking and visiting plus having one of our days out somewhere we haven't been before.

I wasn't expecting a good car boot today as I thought it might be too chilly for the stall holders but I went for a wander anyway and wasn't disappointed! My favourite find of the day was this Black Magic box which must be 40 years old - I've never seen one like this. I asked the price and was told it was £2 for the contents. I hadn't picked it up and was surprised to find it full of cutlery (and nice quality cutlery too!) Reader, I bought it. When I got home I found there was a lovely pair of sugar tongs too!

I loved this Arthur Woods tankard/mug with its delightful floral pattern. It must be 1940s or 50s, I guess and has just the right amount of crazing - I like a little crazing but not so much that the item looks discoloured. This was only 50p!

The lady in yellow attracted me and so she had to come home too along with the matching cotton bobbin!

This lovely plate and little jug were also snapped up and stuck in the top is one of a bag full off hankies I bought. I'm a bit wary of buying these unless can see them properly before I buy but I took a chance. There were about 40 so for £2 I'm hoping there will be at least a few that are worth keeping! They are currently bathing in a bowl of very hot Biotex! I'll inspect them more closely when they are clean and dry!

I love it when you go out expecting it to be a fruitless trip only to find all sorts of things you hadn't expected!

The Tunnicliffe's "Portraits of British Birds" Brooke Bond Tea cards book was complete - not sure what I'm going to do with it yet but the cards are delightful.

I actually picked up two boxes of "shake words" both containing little wooden blocks with letters printed on them. Such a shame these simple little games aren't attractive to children these days. I still enjoy playing them!

Last but not least a batch of Ladybird books (from the 70s I think). I shall enjoy taking some time to sit and browse through these with a coffee this week. Can anyone remember which lovely blogger has a link to a Ladybird site which tells you how old your books are?

Oh I've noticed I'm very close to 50 followers! I must start thinking about a giveaway...

Hope you all have a good week.

Love Wend


  1. You certainly had a productive car boot - I love the pretty jug and the mug too. I feel old when I see all these things coming back into vogue as I remember them all from the first time round!


  2. Great finds - I too, am crazy about a bit of crazing! and just love the choccy box - what is it about old boxes?
    Well done that girl!
    Have a nice few days with your special daughter.

    x Vicky x

  3. You always manage to find some interesting and beautiful things. I like the word game, the old cotton reel, the cutlery, your redwork plate and the books. Enjoy your coffee ...........

  4. I would have loved to have found the hankies! That photo of the lady in yellow with the old cotton reel is a beauty! :O)

  5. lovely treasures.

    DD has made it to half term - well break up Friday. It's the Freshers' party in Bournemouth tonight. She has bought a FAB dress.

    Have a lovely half term with GG xx