Sunday, 5 February 2012

February already?

I can't believe how time is flying right now. I always find it difficult to blog in January with going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark too. Still its good to see the days are getting just a little bit longer and so I decided to take myself to Newark Antiques fair on Friday to get myself a vintage textile fix together with some of that glorious winter sunshine!

For those who haven't been Newark is the largest antique fair in Europe and it would be easy to spend a whole day there. Unfortunately I had only a couple of hours but I knew what I was looking for so strode past lots of the outdoor stands in search of fabrics. I found a couple of stalls selling old advertising tins and boxes which I always like to see but the tins were expensive. I know that's down to their rarity but then I do seem to be quite lucky in finding them relatively cheaply.

I was looking to find the stall of Liz Von Hasselt - known in blogland as The Washerwoman and veteran of the original Vintage and Handmade Fairs in Chipping Sodbury (not to mention all the other fairs she's invlolved in). I hdan't a clue how I was going to find her stall given the size of Newark but eventually found fabric on a clothes horse beckoning me into a tent.

Over on the table covered in red cloth was all manner of vintage loveliness. Yes it might look like a jumble sale and indeed there was no rhyme or reason to the pricing as far as I could see. The stall holder lives in France and brings his finds over so as you can imagine there were some lovely pieces.
And then behind me I spotted a much nicer display with lots of loveliness!

I'd managed to find the stall I was looking for. Liz had some fabulous fabrics which we spread out and mused over and I took some picture before making my choice.

Imagine my horror on arriving home later to find I had lost the bag with those fabrics in. AAAGGGGH! (Some of you may remember last time I went to Newark I managed to leave an ironing board behind! I get so absorbed I'm in another world)
Another gorgeous stall was Regina Rose who makes treasures from damaged old quilts and extends their life by upcycling them into something new. And now blogger seems to be playing up so I can't upload the pictures of the fabric that did make it home! But I will - along with some of my other recent finds...soon

Hope you are all enjoying the winter scenes and not having too many problems. ..

Love Wend



  1. Ouch! I really feel for you, losing your precious purchases. When they say 'Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all' they certainly weren't talking about this kind of situation...

  2. Oh poor you, you must be devastated! That looks like one great day out though.