Monday, 9 January 2012

My misspent life!

Happy New Year - a little late in the day!

Christmas and New Year have raced by with lots of time with Niobe back home from Exeter. It's been lovely to have her back for 3 weeks but she is now back to exams.

Over the festive period it has also been my birthday and there has been a favourite theme amongst my nearest and dearest ...

books ...

and more books

Having discovered the ebay wish list and heavily populated it with King Penguin books I was delighted to receive several to add to my collection.

I love the covers of these books and the fact that they were produced over 50 years ago. I'm looking forward to checking out the carvings at Exeter Cathedral when I visit Niobe sometime.

This 1950s prints book is great for me to research my fabric finds and I was thrilled to find that some of those I have picked up in charity shops are in this book! Good to find that my instincts can (generally!) be trusted.

I had been intrigued by the title of this book when I had spotted it on line months ago but had forgotten all about it. I'm tempted to leave it out permanently or to frame this quote from the front cover. It says it all for me. Apologies to all those who are tidy and organised but this book validates my way of life totally!

With chapters such as


I have the perfect excuse to head off to the car boot in search of more treasures!

Hope you are all enjoying this mild weather!


  1. Hoping you have fruitful huntings! Happy belated birthday xx

  2. I wouldn't mind looking through any and all of your books - especially the design ones. I am making the most of my one uni student before he returns at the weekend! Personally I'm fed up with 'mild' and would like a bit of snow? Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy New Year, Wends and belated birthday wishes too!
    I love those book covers, such great colours and design. Like the heraldry one as a subject too.
    Hope the bathroom has come together!!!!!
    Maybe see you at the Jumbly on the 14th?
    Z xx

  4. what a great book collection, I would love to have the 50s fabric book.

  5. Belated Happy Birthday Wend - what fabulous books! Glad you had a good Christmas with your girl. xxx

  6. Well happy belated birthday wishes you certainly have plenty to read ;-)) I would love to look at that 50's fabric book. Happy new year, dee x

  7. Loving the look of that 50s fabric book too Wend .... I had a similar mantra when my lot were small .... A poster on my fridge with a little mouse and a broom with the caption "an immaculate house is the sign of a wasted life" .... Actually things haven't changed much looking round here now! See you on Saturday x

  8. Love that flowers of the woods book cover.

    Happy new year! (it's never too late ;)

  9. Love the 50s fabric book. Will be looking for a copy of that myself. I love the King Penguins too with their work of art covers. Lucky you. M x

  10. Happy New Year and belated birthday wishes!
    What a lovely selection of books.Have fun treasure hunting! :0)

  11. I love the covers of the King Penguin books and the 50s fabric book looks really interesting. Belated Birthday wishes, looking forward to seeing you soon.
    Ann x

  12. Now you've got the King Penguin habit too! We should trade doubles if we ever get any. The cover of that flower book is by Clifford and Rosemary Ellis who were responsible for the first covers for the Collins Naturalist Series. I did not realise their designs had been made into fabric. Something else to delve into and explore. Thanks Wend.

  13. Love the fabric book, and your King Penguins!! Also I agree with those sayings too!! Glad it's not only me!!!

    Sharon xx