Friday, 4 November 2011


A couple of weekends back I visited Niobe and on the return leg stopped off at Wells. I'd never been before but will certainly return. It is the smallest city in England with a fabulous cathedral (although I didn't get to see inside as I'd missed the start of the service - maybe next time).

Liked the name of this porch - nobody after alms last weekend!

I'm always amazed by the way in which our ancestors managed the feats of getting these huge statues raised so high without the help of todays engineering. Ropes and pulleys - wow!

The cathedral had a delightful clock where its two sentries ring the bell on the hour. A local advised that it was well worth watching so I was glad I was there in time for 12!

Around the perimeter of the cathdral area is a moat with a drawbridge! Absolutely lovely.

Autumn light shining through the trees ...

And a view through the wall of the Bishop's Palace...

What a lovely place - where the grass actually looked like grass. Look at the colour! The greenest grass ever! It's beige where I live!

Wells is also home to the oldest continuously inhabited street in England (from 1340)

Not a satellite dish, not a dustbin, or a TV aerial in sight! Delightful! Like stepping back in time. Of course a quick walk round the back revealed all those things! Need to spend longer in this place!

Oh and Niobe's doing great! What a relief!


  1. Lovely photographs, never been to Wells myself but now would love to go.

  2. Wend, lovely photos of a beautiful place.I've been to Wells countless times as it was part of my working territory when I lived at home in Bristol and is a lovely place to visit... and while you're there it's only a hop skip and a jump to Glastonbury. It would make a fabulous place to explore for a short break. Think of all those quirky little charity shops and all the bargains you might find....

  3. A huge relief indeed . My girl is doing so much better this year too - so we are all relieved too! Great photos of Wells - Ive never been either so i'll pop it on "my list". Ive booked the Julie Arkell on the Sunday, and i'll be in touch re the Welbeck Day at the end of this month - and i'll bring you the Miss Pettigre book. xxxxxx

  4. What stunning photo's Well 's indeed a beautiful place. I to am with you in that it blows me away with how those majestic buildings were built and the time it took them. And i aways think of the many lives that were lost while they were building them. dee x

  5. Wells looks beautiful, great to hear Niobe is doing well. Your last post made laugh, Isabel won't let me use the self serve tills in our local Tesco if she is with me because apparently I am too embarrassing so I sympathise.
    Ann x

  6. There's a similar street in a village in Wiltshire...Castle Combe...which is often used to film period dramas.Will have to have a trip to Wells one day,really beautiful! :0)

  7. Great pictures - never been but it looks lovely. Am totally with you on your previous post - I can't even get a tin of paint through these things at Homebase - they just don't like me!