Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Ticking 'n tweed

On Sunday I took off for a much anticipated workshop at Hope and Elvis. This one was called Tweed Bags. I've blogged about Louise's workshops before and always have a great time. I always take along my basket loaded with vintage bits and pieces that I've collected to incorporate somehow.
We were able to choose from a selection of styles.

Not restricted to tweed you could use any of a whole shelf full of fabrics to make any of these beauties...

As usual I had the problem of having to make too many decisions - which fabric, which lining, long or short handles, to embellish or not etc, etc...

Louise provides the fabrics, trimmings, equipment etc but it's always lovely to use some of your own bits.

Was I going to be able to turn these fabrics into anything resembling any of these lovely bags?

I chose a charcoal grey suit jacket which I thought would coordinate nicely with a piece of my ticking stripes and perhaps a piece of barkcloth. I'd also taken with me an old Tootal scarf to use. Normally that would be sacrilege but I'd managed to set the tassels on fire when cooking a while back so couldn't wear it anymore. Several hours later - this...

This picture shows the front bottom of a jacket with pocket as one side of the bag

with the reverse being a breast pocket. As it was a breast pocket I used a piece of vintage fabric to masquerade as a pocket handerchief. The lining was the remains of the Tootal scarf with the label being used to embellish the other side. Ticking was incorporated where I didn't have sufficient fabric/or for contrast with barkcloth being added to the handles.

The day was particularly lovely as I met Diane from heartshaped

Diane was so sweet and thoughtful - she had bought her blogging buddies gifts and mine included a bottle of sea glass which she knows I've never maaged to find on the east coast. I was really touched that somebody had bothered to do this for me!

I also met Lyn from everyday life, Nik - Diane's 'lurker' friend, and Debs from Two bones and a bagle. Debs helps Louise at the workshops - what a great job - surrounded by all that loveliness!

I can never resist taking pictures of the studio where Louise sells some of her lovely finds

and will confess to picking up a couple of pieces of Pink Utility - oh and a piece of yellow. Well - just look at the picture in my side bar - I obviously needed more didn't I?

Now looking forward to the Vintage and Handmade fair in Northampton on Saturday - hope to see some of you there!

Love Wend


  1. Looks like a grand old meet up.
    I recognise that heart shaped lady!

  2. I love the bag you made. What a brilliant choice of fabrics, they work so well together. M x

  3. Ah Wend, you lucky thing! So jealous you got to meet Diane&Lyn!

  4. Love the bag, look forward to seeing you at Northampton xx

  5. See you there gorgeous! I love the Devon bag, really great upcycling!

    Yum to the utility china x

  6. This looks and sounds like it was a wonderful day out. Lovely results all round.

  7. I had a brilliant time - it was great to meet you at lastg Wend - heres to the next time. xxx

  8. Hi Wend it was a great day wasn't it. Your bag is super, I loved your choice of colours, labels etc. I am a lucky girl being able to work with Louise surrounded by beautiful things and meet such genuinely nice folk. I did a little squeek whilst scrolling down your photos as I made one of the bag samples. The little shaped bag in tweed with the applique flowers. Hope to meet you again soon. Debs X

  9. I love your bag Wend, great choice of fabrics. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.
    Ann x

  10. Now that is a good idea, a bag made from a tweed jacket, just right for autumn/winter. Looks like you had loads of fun on your course and it's nice to put all your creative energy together. I can see everyone raiding the charity shops, Lucey x

  11. Diane is just the best!
    Love your bag, looks like you all had a wonderful day together.
    Lisa x

  12. Your finished bag looks great and I love that pocket handkerchief detail. With utility china like that on sale, I don't blame you for having succumbed temptation!

  13. Sounds like a great day - great pals, great buys and great makes. What's not to like!

  14. It was lovely to meet you Wendy, and loved your basket of vintage sewing goodies!
    (not sure about the photo of me, he he!!!) It is such a lovely place to create!

  15. That looks as though it was really good fun!
    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.
    Z xx

  16. That is a classy bag Wend. I covet that piece of barkcloth with the green and black motifs! How lovely to meet other bloggers and no surprise at all to read of their generosity. I think it goes with the territory as I've never 'met' a bad one yet. I shall be looking at tea towels in a new light now.... Lesley x

  17. What a great day that looked, wish I could have been there!! Love your bag, isn't it great to have something unique? :)
    By the way, loved the bundle of fabric from you, and one retro piece I have posted to a retro loving friend today, so she will be pleased too!
    Lovely to have met up again & you take care x

    Sharon xx