Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I took my vintage bike to Edinburgh but hadn't bargained for the hills and cobbles - it wasn't long before I decided feet were safer (if slower) than wheels.

Obviously I couldn't go without my car boot fix and was amazed at the subterranean car boot held four floors below ground level in a car park. It was quite surreal - very dark, very hot, very busy and quite weird. But I did manage to find a few bits and pieces particularly liking the little Susie Cooper plate on the right and the unsorted box of buttons. I paid more for these than I normally would but as I said - it was dark but I thought I could see some Art Deco ones - I wasn't disappointed!

I love looking at independent shops in other cities and wasn't disappointed although there weren't as many as I would have liked. I liked this plate found in one such store along with other similar ones. It can only be used for display as the image is merely decoupaged on but I can think of plates and images I could combine for my wall...Might have a go!

I discovered that there was an Anthropologie store too so had to take some pics - I do love their display ideas

What do you think to the jelly mould chandelier - fun - yes. Price over £900. So you probably won't be buying one. Still - great idea for the holiday weekend - empty the kitchen cupboards and see what you can do with a few bits of wire and some redundant stuff! Plus bling...Images to be posted on Monday please!

Love the display round the mirror ...

and I'd been wondering what to do with my stash of chair legs and other assorted bits of furniture...

and why didn't I think of adding odd spoons to piles of old books?

But it wasn't all vintage. Edinburgh was a real assault on the senses. It really is a cultural bubble with lots and lots to see and do. I didn't know the work of David Mach but the exhibition poster drew me in with its collaged image

followed by this amazing tryptych of larger than lif sized crucifixions in the window of the gallery made of...

coat hangers. Lots and lots of them - I had to take a closer shot to share with you. Quite amazing. As were the collages. This is a huge exhibiton over several floors with over 40 large scale collages based on the anniversary of the King James VI bible. One floor has been taken over as the artist's studio and you can watch him and his team working from lots of boxes of itemised images to make these works.

Next time I'll choose a different week when they also have the book festival...and certainly won't bother taking a selection of high heels!


  1. Just catching up with you - gosh - what a lot has happened!!! Well done to your lovely girly!! Is she ready to move out? Its a wierd time, for both of you. Looking forward to seeing you on the 11th. xxxx

  2. Wend,
    I saw David Mach's work at Gloucester Cathedral last year. It is very powerful isn't it? Glad to see your boot sale skills are as finely honed as ever! As for those Anthropologie displays... well, I'd love to visit one of their stores just for these alone. Lesley

  3. What an interesting post. David Mach's work is incredible. Congrats to Niobe by the way. I thought I'd left a comment last week but it evidently disappeared into the ether. You must be so proud of her! My son, Jacob, managed to get his grades too and will be off soon to study dentistry. I'm sure you feel as amazed as I do that time can pass so quickly-- I'm sure they only started secondary school a few years ago and now we have these lovely young adults ! I do enjoy reading your posts . I've been a lurker for ages so " thank you" . Penny L xx

  4. Thanks for sharing all the photos, we are off to Scotland in the morning. We are staying a couple of nights with my sister and then a couple of nights in Edinburgh , can't wait !
    Ann x

  5. Certainly seeing coat hangers in a different light! Well done, Niobe, I'm sure she'll love Uni, and thanks for your best wishes to me, too.

  6. Niobe is a star! Wonderful that she got her grades and can get into the Uni of her choice.
    Love the look of your bike Wendy. Cannot believe just how brilliant that work with the coathangers is.......... incredible!

  7. The Anthropologie shop is so inspiring..had great time in Edinburgh and even saw some sunshine. Congratulations to Niobe and good luck with all the pre uni preparations. See you soon love Heather

  8. Some lovely finds there. I find biking on smooth flat surfaces hard enough, nevermind over cobbles - ouch!

  9. I can't believe you took a bike to Edinburgh, you must be mad, those hills are killers.
    Congratualtions to Niobe on getting her grades and into Exeter Uni, a lovely part of the world.

  10. Ha - we photographed the same spoons! I love seeing your take on the same week I visited... thanks.