Thursday, 18 August 2011

For everyone awaiting results...

Tense times table

Once tense is tense
Twice tense is too tense
Three tense is quite stressed
Four tense is fraught
Five tense is frightening
Six tense is tightening
Seven tense is distressed
Eight tense is taut
Nine tense is intense
Ten tense is uptight
Eleven tense - keep your distance
Twelve tense just might...
Thirteen tense - RIGHT! THAT'S IT!
I've had it up to here with your tense times
table, it's not a proper poem it's not a proper
times table and that's the last time you make
me make a fool of myself in public...
(continue ranting indefinitely, then
fade and look sheepish)

Matt Harvey


  1. I can well remember the tension of results day - and mine turned 30 this year! Wishing good things for you and yours.

  2. Good luck! Trying to get my son awake to find out his results. xx

  3. Thank you! I've been thinking of you whilst ironing and waiting....I knew you'd be going through the same anxiety. Good luck!

  4. aawww bless you. I hope the results are positive ones, dee x

  5. That's a classic Wend. I'm sure Niobe will get all she has worked for. I wish you both well coping with the intensity of today! Lesley

  6. Hi Wend,hope things went well today. I was thinking of you this morning.
    Ann x

  7. I've just read this out to Mr B...we thought it was very funny!
    Hope the results were what you were hoping for!
    Z & Mr B xx