Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Lace or Lycra?

While in London recently the weekend I visited the Vintage Emporium just off Brick Lane. I was so taken with this place I asked whether I could take pictures to share with you...

Downstairs was a vintage shop full of clothes, hats etc. It was brimming with racks of lovely stuff!

I loved the advertising props and packaging (tried to buy some but they weren't for sale!)

Upstairs was a coffee shop which was decorated like a shabby lounge with lots of old chairs,sofas etc. (I felt quite at home!)

The framed music was a nice touch

but I particularly liked the old bike and stacked cases,

their use of empty frames

and old adverts,

but my favourite picture from here is this one - sweet!

Later, this coffee shop teased with its great name "Look Mum no hands"!

Obviously aimed at the bike enthusiast this is so much more than a coffee shop...

With a nod to vintage in it's advertising and old milk bottles for the flowers it was an internet cafe, and believe it or not, a place to get your bike fixed!

The furnishings were bike themed,

as was the art which was all for sale.

Had to smile at this framed print which will make the older ones amongst you recall something similar 30 years back if you remember the book with a similar title!

Having no bike, computer, lycra or cycle clips with me I wasn't around for long but I do like the way that businesses are diversifying to maximise their profits. I like to see that a bit of extra imagination is being used to provide give their customers with something different.

Have I forgotten something? Oh yes - cake! I was so taken with the decor in both places I completely forgot the most essential part of the coffee shop!


  1. we love the Vintage Emporium!
    it's a feast for the eyes indeed:
    the people who run it are so friendly:
    good coffee and cake too ^_^

  2. What super places; I would be very at home too having a cuppa in the 'shabby lounge' whilst Husband would be equally at home in the bike cafe. I love quirky cafes and places such as those.

  3. The Vintage Emporium looks absolutely wonderful - I shall have to put it on my list of places to visit!

    Pomona x


  5. We were in London in Brick Lane only a few a week or so ago. The place is so vibrant and so different to the London we all know. We went on a street art tour - absolutely amazing. I have some photos on my blog! We passed the Vintage Emporium and many other vintage shops as well and commented that we would have to go back and see them - so thanks for sharing. You've whetted my appetite for another trip to London but can my purse withstand it!

  6. Lace definitely! I've never been to Brick Lane; I always intened to go and have a bagel. Now I need to go and have a mung around The Emporium! It looks amazing. Thank goodness there are people out there that have had the foresight to keep all the packaging/display paraphernalia. What a feast for the eyes (and the tum!).
    Z xx

  7. What a fab place. Will def check out next time we're there. We often stay at the Hoxton and love that whole area. x

  8. this is going on on my list of must visit places when in London what an amazing shop
    xx fee

  9. I have somehow missed this one when I have been in the Brick lane area but I have seen the bike shop/cafe. There is some great street art all around that area too.
    Ann x

  10. Love the look of the vintage shop. I suspect I would come out with piles of shopping.... probably lucky I live too far away to be tempted! I too would have wanted the advertising memorabilia. There's something about it that just captures my imagination.

  11. You find some great places! It looks fab. I like the look of the Liberty Corselette - could do with one of them!

  12. Great set of pics and what a great couple of places to spend some time.