Saturday, 11 September 2010

Something for the weekend?

With apologies to our overseas friends... Don't forget this weekend is Heritage Open Days weekend so if you are after inspiration for something to do, whatever the weather, check out the Heritage Open Days website,, which will show you everything that is on in your area FREE just for this weekend. This can be a great money saver especially for families as even places with a hefty entry price take part and other places rarely open to the public will also open their doors.

I'm just kicking myself as I only remembered last night and I was going to spend the weekend painting. Perhaps that can wait!

Have a great weekend!



  1. What a lovely reminder thank you so much, hope you get to somewhere fabulous too xx
    Lynn xxx

  2. Thanks for the reminder and web link. Hope you enjoy your visit to wherever you choose andthe painting can wait till next weekend!


  3. We're heading out tomorrow to one of those events - somewhere we've wanted to visit but never got round too!

  4. I've visited a couple of lovely places today open under the scheme and can well recommend it! Lesley

  5. I have a heritage site just steps away from our gate (old colliery workings!). However, I decided to walk down to our local church which had opened for the afternoon. I love these Heritage Days.

  6. Hope you managed to get out to see some different places. I spent both days going around some beautiful college gardens and chapels. The perfect weather made it magical.