Saturday, 4 September 2010

Season of mists and horticultural shows!

I rather like horticulatural shows... Although I saw the schedule for this one in advance I didn't enter any of the classes.

This was a very small village show but had the usual "biggest and best" classes - the flowers ...

and the veg

As ever I was distracted by the chippy paint on the marquee poles.

One of the flower arranging classes was "Granny's attic" which had the grand total of 3 entries - two were inspired by old kitchen scales which were lovely but did make me wonder whether I couldn't have submitted an entry given all my treasures to use as inspiration!

Its always fun for the children to have a class to enter and

so here's an idea for all those with surplus veg in their gardens right now!

Great fun!

I particularly liked the arrangements in tea cups

simple but effective

and they seemed to be flowers from the owners' gardens rather some of the larger displays which had clealry had a lot of money spent on them

but what do I know - I rarely agree with the judges choice! They sometimes seem overly critical for what is supposed to be a bit of fun - or is it?

Anyway if you're wondering what to do with a spare marrow - use the picture below for inspiration and stuff it with flowers!

Love Wend


  1. Beautiful photo's love the scale and flowers, and so colourful a delight to the eye ;-))

  2. Our village show was at the weekend. Every year we go and every year we don't actually enter. I decided this year that NEXT year is the year we participate, otherwise it might die out and that would be so sad...........

  3. Oh what fun! Loved those animals especially the cauliflower sheep and those teacup arrangements were simply beautiful. I am surprised there were only 3 entries in the Granny's attic class but both the ones you show are very effective aren't they?

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. I'm a bit mentally scarred when it comes to Horticultural shows. When I was young, my dad was secretary at the Horticultural Society at the working mens club - a roll he took far too seriously!!! The rivalry for a plate displaying 3 perfect onions or tomatoes was fierce!!!xxxx

  5. Do you know ... I've never been to one, but am going to look in the local press to find one now. They look quite amusing! Lovely pics.