Monday, 16 August 2010

Vintage fix

While in Edinburgh I had to check out "Armstrongs" vintage clothing store for a vintage fix.

The shop was packed with items of desire for men and women;

festooned with flags,

with rail

upon rail

of loveliness.

This guy just hung around looking impressive

but joy of joy vintage pinnies - long, short, Mrs Overall style and frilly.

Loving those fabrics,

but how much? HOW MUCH!

I should have bought a couple of cashmere sweaters (there were racks of these too) which were very reasonable - £15 (probably due to the fact that they weren't perfect.) I now realise I could easily have customised them a bit and enveloped myself in their snuggly warmth this winter.

Now then dear, have you got your hat?

and gloves?

Love Wend


  1. That looks like a great shop for spending hours rummaging around! My favourite is the diving figure!Wow!

  2. Wow! Would take ages to find anything in there I should think. Looks like just the sort of shop my sister-in-law would love - I can't be bothered if it's not displayed so I can see it without all that searching I just don't have the rummage gene!! Shame about the cashmere jumpers though as they'd have been so cosy.

    Jane x

  3. Very nice! And lovely photos too. I'll make sure to stop in if I'm ever in Edinburgh. (How ever did you resist the cashmere?!?)

  4. What a fab shop! Nothing like that around here sadly.Did you buy one of those lovely pinnies I wonder?

    Bellaboo :o)

  5. Would love to wander around there for a day or two.
    Those hats remind me of my Grandma do people still buy them?
    yes did you buy a pinny?

    Cate x

  6. Isn't it wonderful? I love the wall of kilts too...

    I'm so glad you found Stockbridge - I can just imagine you in the Barnardo's!

  7. Wow, I would love to have a good old rummage in there, you could get lost amongst all those clothes!

  8. What a great shop, almost too much to take in ! Did you treat yourself to pinny for your collection ?
    Ann x

  9. What a feast for the eyes, there are always regrets when you get home form a shop like this, but you must hove bought something - do share!

  10. Those pinnies are so " now " aren't they ? I love the pink dress in the second picture - very pretty

  11. My favourite fabric is the one with the paisley style swirls......... and isn't that yellow man just wonderful?

  12. I'm afraid I let you all down - no purchases. I was between shows so on a pretty tight time frame not to mention that I'm too tight to pay £40 for a pinny! I'm used to paying £1.99 in my local charity shop!

  13. £40.00 for a pinny but only £15.00 for a cashmere jumper - something not quite right there. Looks like an amazing shop I would need hours in there.

  14. I loved Stockbridge when I was last in Edinburgh. Great shop though - were you not tempted to purchase a vintage sporran?

  15. Just a quickie to ask if Niobe has got in to her chosen uni. x

  16. Surely in a vintage shop the done thing is with one's deft handcrafting technique to swiftly and furtively change the price-tag for a more acceptable number of one's own creation?

  17. Hello Wend

    Thank you for stopping by my blog a while ago and apologies for not popping by sooner:-)

    This shop is a rummager's paradise! You could lose yourself for days!!

    Off to have a lookie round your lovely blog with a cup of tea ...


  18. I remember this shop well from my last visit to Edinburgh a few years ago. I desperately wanted my man to buy a kilt... to show off his lovely knees!
    A wonderful emporium.. thanks for jogging my memory.

    Michele x