Thursday, 12 August 2010

Fringe benefits

In the tradition of well heeled ladies of yesteryear I ventured up to Scotland for the glorious 12th and subsequent season. Unfortunately I forgot my weapon and thwarted, found myself in Edinburgh at the fringe. I've wanted to do this for years and with Niobe performing there for nearly 3 weeks it would have been rude not to go! Niobe is in Alice's Adventures - this is the back of her hoodie for "Flyering" taken as she left 10 days ago with the local youth performing arts group.


I thought I'd share some of the images from the streets ...

The hand on the picture above is the hand of the guy whose shoulder this young lady is standing on to add her posters to the column.

I soon realised that posters weren't on view for long before the next group stuck their posters over the top. (I tried not to think too hard about the tress cut down to produce this paper mountain).

I soon tracked down the flyers for Niobe's show and discovered them on a phone box first (and then all over the royal mile!).(I admit to peeling one from the bottom of the phone box to being home and frame for Niobe for posterity.)

This guy was amazing typing madly away on his flyers with his delightful assistant hanging them on the line...

This girl and her several accomplices drew a large crowd of interested gentlemen ...

for what must have been a very interesting production of Oliver Twist! I did have to admire the ingenuity of some of the performers...

This group of youngsters just looked as if they'd stepped out of a Jack Wills advert until I counted their legs and ears and found there were 12 ears and 6 legs! Close inspection showed they were advertising the Wind in the Willows.

Playing dead seemed a popular way of attracting attention (when it wasn't raining which it did quite a lot). Still it gave me the chance to snap the lovely dress fabric!

Wellies are the footwear of choice by many which I will remember for next time!

The "Clever Courtesans" had clearly been before otherwise Edinburgh is doing a roaring trade in lovely wellies this month!

There were street performances going on all day giving glimpses of the shows - this is a shot of part of Niobe's group. There are about 20 of them and they are having such fun - performing every day, flyering and cooking for each other in a hostel while managing to pull in lots of shows themselves.

Lots of the shows are free or don't cost much and I was surpised at the quality of those I saw particularly "What would Helen Mirren do?". If you get the chance to see this - go!

I love this shot but I'm not sure what was going on there! Part of the pleasure was the sounds and colour all around. Yesterday the sun was out and everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves. Although this was a first for me it certainly won't be the last time I go. I'm back home now but Niobe has another 10 days still to go! Just look at the faces on the folk below as they watch one of the street performances! Doesn't that say it all!

Love Wend


  1. I've never been, but by coincidence the same subject crossed my radar today. It looks such fun. Good luck to Niobe.

  2. what a great adventure for both of you, I'm sure Niobe will have a great experience.

  3. That looks such an exciting place to go to and soooooo much to take in. Wonderful! What an experience for both of you, in particular Niobe.

  4. Hi Wend,
    thanks for sharing great photos. It looks fantastic, I would love to go and really should as my sister lives not far from Edinburgh so it would be handy. You must be really proud of Niobe, what an amazing experience for her.
    Ann x

  5. what a great experience for Niobe - has she chosen her Uni yet or have you got some more trips?

  6. The Fringe is fabulous and you have some really great photos! I'm a very big 'Just a Minute' fan. Did you go?

  7. Hubby and I went to the Festival BC (Before Children) - It was when Jo Brand etc were just starting out so you can tell how long ago that was!!! Still looks great! xx

  8. Would love to get there one day. Looks like you managed to pack loads in and I what a fantastic experience for your daughter too.