Monday, 10 October 2011

Recent finds

Thought I'd just share some pictures of my latest find in the vain hope that one of you may also think that I found something beautiful... Often I find that my nearest and dearest do not appreciate the things I find and love. Indeed some regard me as a bit of an I had to smile when I saw this in a shop window! Obviously I wouldn't dream of spending the £180 it cost on such an item (unlike a customer in the shop who was proudly saying she had the same up at home. However I did find a pack of the Lexicon cards in a charity shop last week for a couple of pounds. Just wondering what little bit of advice I should assemble - maybe "to thine own self be true". What is your mantra?

I digress. When I saw this raggy piece of cloth in Lincoln I was hooked. I touched it and felt its soft texture - worn thin by years and years of use and love.

I pulled it out and marvelled at the subtle shades of patchwork pieces. Parts of it had worn so thin the top layer had disintegrated...

to reveal another layer of lovely patchwork underneath. I hesitated to ask the price and when I did had to wait for the assistant to ring the manageress. I was saddened when I heard eighty and thought I would have to return it to the shelves of despair but decided to just check.

"Not eighty but eighteen! It's Victorian you see." I do indeed. Oh decisions - what on earth can I do with it. Useful or beautiful? It won't register as useful - its days of providing any useful function are long behind it. Beautiful? Well it was to me.

Reader I bought it. (You knew I was going to say that didn't you?)

It has some unspoilt parts so I've folded it and put it on the back of a chair and I stroke it as I walk past and think of the comfort it has no doubt provided in years gone by. Unfortunately our cat has rather taken to it (she's no respecter of my stuff!) so she's going to have to spend the rest of her life outdoors!

I also found these lovely little hand painted tea plates, jug and bowl. I don't even "do" tea but they also spoke to me.

As did the young lady in this picture. I'm easily pleased (especially at £2 for the china and £2 for the picture - and I rarely haggle.) I hate to think what might happen to these things if I didn't take them home and love them...

Love Wend


  1. Your patchwork cloth is lovely, the colours are beautifully faded and soft.I don't blame you for taking it home, I know I would.
    Ann x

  2. Of course you had to buy them all, just think of all the lives that patchwork has been part of, the stories it could tell of how it provided comfort.
    Perhaps to a young lady waiting for her fiance to return from World War 1 or the Mother waiting for her son to return from Dunkirk. It deserves to be loved.
    Cats are very discerning, they only choose to lay on your favourite things!
    Carol xx

  3. Wend, great finds. Love the shape and shade of blue in the china. The patchwork is beautiful too but now I'm on the look out for Lexicon cards..... x

  4. Wend, I forgot to add my mantra! I'm forever saying it and my friends finish it off when I start it's 'what goes around, comes around'... so true, so true... how many sets of Lexicon would I need to put this on my wall I wonder?

  5. I can just imagine you shopping for these goodies. You made me laugh. My pal Nic turned up for our crafting evening with a thrifted basked full of "stuff". I said she was doing a "Wend"!!! Many thanks for my lovely parcel - did you get my email? I loved EVERYTHING. My mantra is " You only live once"xx

  6. I love your finds and would definitely have rescued them myself. M x

  7. Whilst I'm not in buying mode at the moment, I am resolved that certain things (and patchwork is one) are to be bought whatever the circumstances! So I totally agree with you - I think that saving it from an unknown fate, as you imply, is actually a valid argument for these pieces of history.

    Reading back, I see I've gone all worthy as I justify that! But I think it's true...

  8. I see our circle of bloggers as the International Rescue of the thrift world.:D

    The quilt - how romantic. I fully understand the attraction. So happy the price was really 18.

    BUT - love, love, love the Lexicon sign. I'm going to to do it. (up in the attic this afternoon looking for the games we no longer play)xx

  9. I love the idea of you stroking the quilt each time you pass by! My mantra? I have a new one as of today, borrowed from SkyBlueSea's blog : Let the Beauty of what you love, be what you do.

  10. If I'd have been there and had the money, I would have done the same for all of your purchases LOL!

    Sandie xx

  11. Wonderful finds Wend, especially the Victorian quilt. My mantra - Life is not a dress rehearsal.

  12. Update on the Lexicon project: Didn't have all the letters necessary in my Lexicon game so have been hunting the cs and boot sales. Finally picked one up at the boot this morning for 50p. Now the problem is finding a frame long enough! xx