Sunday, 5 June 2011

Face the front please!

Foot tapping,
Eye rubbing,
Nervous coughing,
Boy yawning,
Window gazing,
Birds tweeting,
Mowers mowing,
Hair twiddling,
Pen scratching,
Water slurping,
Girl crying,
Inspiration hitting - it must must be exam time!

and I'm invigilating at the university and at a school. And as I pace up and down the sports hall I struggle to keeep myself from chuckling as I reach the back of the room and recall these sketches from Armstrong and Miller.

And if that made you smile try this one...

No talking until I've collected your papers in.

With apologies to those in whom I have stirred terrible memories...

Hope you have a stress free week!


  1. lol! You are making me laugh too! x

  2. I can break out into a cold sweat just thinking about it!! Doesn't seem to be stressing out my young man as much as it is me though!!!

  3. Brilliant! I used to invigilate too though we never did any of this sort of thing but it might have livened up the long hours if we had! Loved the bit where they swing on the ropes!

  4. Great clips! When I worked at a Uni, a student lodged a complaint that the invigilator had 'interefered with the banana' she had on her desk?! Glad I don't have to take exams any longer.

  5. LOL!
    My poor baby is off soon for Maths GCSE exam this afternoon - i wont show her this!!!
    Gill x

  6. Enjoyed this sketch the first time round, but it made me laugh all over again.
    Love your Philadelphus display on your header. I can smell it from here.

  7. Wend,
    I've never seen these before. What a good laugh although it's easy to laugh when we don't have to take them any more! Good luck with the invigilating - make sure you don't mess with anyone's banana. Lesley

  8. These were brilliant! I feel so sorry for those young ones going through exams.......

  9. I laughed out loud - but embarrassing as at work! Thanks :-) Helen