Saturday, 9 April 2011

Taste and Smile

I don't think I showed you these sugar holders that I picked up over the winter. I suspect they were produced in the 60s or 70s.

Yesterday was the first day of Niobe's hols so we had an "us day". This usually involves Niobe making a cake and me clearing up after her. No change there then. The sugar packaging made me look at my containers and note a certain simialarity of style...

Turned it round and noticed the command on the back

And so we shall!

We'll skate over the things that went wrong: - the fact that by insisting we went to the wool shop before we went to the river and by having to do a detour to pick the petrol I had forgotten (don't you just hate when that happens - that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach as your realise you have the wrong shoes on for walking anywhere to get help) I made us miss the pub lunch we had built ourselves up to...

Fortunately I had with me a bowl of strawberries and the picnic blanket so we lazed by the river under a cloudless blue sky... (as I tested her on her driving theory - maybe I should have left it at the dot, dot, dot!)

Have a great weekend!



  1. Wish I had a daughter; although I love dearly my WSD (Wicked step-daughter). She always says I'm her Wicked (as in Wickkeddd) Step- Mum. LLX

  2. Sounds to me as if you have the perfect excuse for another day out - with the pub lunch.

    Love the sugar jars.

  3. Those sugar jars are amaazing. I've never see the like! Delicious looking cake and strawberries!

  4. Wow i have never seen sugar jars like those what a smashing find the cake looks lovely to. It sounds like you had a lovely day in the end everything is done for a reason and all that ;-)) enjoy the rest of your weekend, dee x

  5. Sounds like another outing is called for... but wear different shoes this time Wend! Lesley x

  6. I've been hankering after one of these sugar storage jars for a while now, so congrats on your lucky and lovely finds.

  7. I love those sugar storage jars! So fun and graphic - would really brighten up a plain kitchen - your cake looks scrumptious - dripping with sugary icing!

  8. Its funny, but those storage jars look quite modern as that kind of design is now all coming back again. They are lovely. Sounds like you enjoyed your day, anyway!

  9. Lovely to meet you at Hope & Elvis - I wish she was a wee bit closer ....
    Those jars were a real find, weren't they!