Saturday, 26 February 2011

World Book Night - Such fun

Not sure how I missed this but I haven't come across it in Blogland. Saturday 5th March is World Book Night when 20000 volunteers will each give away 48 copies of their choice of 25 titles. The list includes authors such as Alan Bennett, Margaret Atwood and Mark Haddon.

I do have a Big Event happening next Saturday so it might have been difficult to be involved but it does sound like fun. Each book will be given its own identity nunber (presumably to prevent them all being put on eBay) and the idea is for them to be read and passed on and for their journey to be followed via "Book crossing". I love the idea of Book crossing (finding books in random places and then logging your find on the book crossing site, reading it and then leaving it for someone else to find and so on) but have never actually found any of the books.

As Miranda's mother would say "Such fun!"

I just wondered - are any of you involved?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Sounds interesting! No I am not involved but would love to hear more.


  2. My friend gave me a book crossing book that her Dad found on a bus in Italy. I read it and left it on the train.
    My problem has been since joing that people keep running after me and going 'excuse me you left this behind' which makes it dificult to release books to say the least!

  3. Wend,
    One of my friends is a volunteer and is going to be giving away 'Fingersmith' by Sarah Walters as she is a Pembrokeshire born writer. The day kicks off at our local museum with a Paperback breakfast where we swap books with others and then the main event is the giving away of the Fingersmith in the evening with a bit of a buffet to go with it. It helps support the museum and is a fab event. It's the reason for the Anne Robinson thing on BBC2 every night at 6.30 - a sort of Desert Island Discs but for books! I think there are events all over the country for people to support so I hope it's a great success. Lesley

  4. Sounds a wonderful idea. I had not heard about it.

  5. Sounds like a great idea, will have to find out more. I found a 'book crossing' book on the tree top walk in a local country park,this is a wooden construction that goes right up through the tree tops in the forest. It was a copy of 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin.'
    Ann x