Friday, 11 June 2010

George's best bits

Ok,as you asked - it took some time to go through George's bags - see previous post if you didn't read it! It had clearly been stored for some time and was very mucky. I persevered though and washed everything before passing judgement!

The picture above shows the best bits I found. There was lots to send to charity shops and some for car booting (brasses, pewter etc)and this ...

Does anyone know what this is? Yes I know it' a stained glass piece for hanging in a window. Am I right in thinking Galleon images were big in the 40s/50s? If anyone knows anything about these please let me know.

Forgot to take a picture of this litle jug before I'd added it to my shelves

which are getting a bit crowded!

The coffee cans and saucers were all perfect and make a lovely little set. The coffee pot will look great when I've polished it and added some roses. The mirror can be added to my collection of mirrors but look at the tureen! It matches a little jug I bought at a car boot last autumn and again is perfect. I think it will look rather lovely filled with veg and used alongside my utility ware collection which is coming along nicely!

I've been making the most of the good weather and tidying some of my pots. I have an ongoing battle with slugs and snails so I keep my hostas in almost any container I can get my hands on

The next picture includes a geranium in a vintage colander. George has said that there are enough pots and pans in the garden and could I just provide a kettle and he could then sort himself out a cuppa while cleaning my windows!

I lost a lot of my pots over the winter due to the frosts. The picture below shows my most serious casualty which while looking perfectly fine in the picture is merely a half pot with no base. Still I think it looks just fine tucked around the lavender!

Have a great week!



  1. now that's the kind of rubbish I like!!!!!

  2. Bet your glad you didn't refuse it, the tureens lovely.

    I also lost pots this year its strange how they look perfect untill you touch them :)

    Cate x

  3. Good old George!
    Love the old lavender pot.

    Vicky x

  4. What a lot of treasure, the tureen is lovely and you are right the coffee pot will look great once it is polished up. I love the stained glass panel, I think you are right it is probably 40s/50s. I know I have seen similar on birthday cards of the period.
    Ann x

  5. Good old George ..... some lovely pieces there especially the tureen. The cold snowy winter certainly took its toll on the garden here too ... we lost a huge cordeline, red robin and some euphorbias that we've had for years.

  6. WoW! George came up trumps! I LOVE the tureen.I saw two gorgeous tureens in the antique shop on Saturday,but I resisted...I thought..where will I find room for I wish I HAD bought them!

    Bellaboo :0)

  7. I think I love George....... sigh............


    I am a Hosta lover too........... mine are also in pots!!!!!

  8. Love the coffee cans - and as for hostas, I love them too, but so do the thousand slugs and snails that live in my garden.

  9. George obviously has you off to a tee. He's given you some lovely pieces and must know it would find a good home with you! Lovely hostas. Lesley

  10. How fantastic. You lucky girl

    Love the hostas. I also have them in pots but the little blighters still get to them! Try Vaseline around the base.


  11. love your utility ware - never really thought of it being so nice before

  12. Lovely treasures. The tureen is very pretty.
    Slugs and snails don't like hostas? That's handy to know. xx

  13. What lovely treasures you have there. I love the milk jug on the right hand side of the top photo and the tureen is gorgeous. You must have a house full of treasure.

  14. Well, our window cleaners don't leave vintage bric a brac but, they definately have 'eye candy' physiques especially when the sun shines LOL!
    Love the tureen is it? Reminds me of the morror that hung above our fireplace when I was growing up.
    Sandie xx