Monday, 24 May 2010

Show and tell Monday!

I knew yesterdays car boot would have lots of people standing but also that it would be packed with punters so arrived by 6.15 and was well rewarded by the thrifting gods for my efforts.

One lady was selling lots of embroidered cloths and doilies etc. These are the best but they are wonderful! Beautifully laundered and pressed, all had little stickers with the sizes on but she was virtually giving them away so I filled a bag!

The colours are delightful and the stitching is beautiful. One of them still has the transfer showing through so has clearly never been used or washed!

Included in her piles was this blue cloth which I'd learned the day before is a "huck a back" towel. These are made from Irish linen and are highly absorbent but take up much less space than our fluffier counterparts. I haven't tried using them to dry my hair yet but I might just hang a couple in the bathroom for aesthetic purposes!

On top of that is a butter maker pat. The box was full of various bits of an icing set which is what I thought I was buying! When I sorted out all the bits the butter pat maker was lying underneath!

I did like the colours of this old hunting tin ...

but was horrified when I got it home to find painted on the back in pink nail varnish the legend "my pocket money"! Now I have ruined more than one lovely tin by over zealous rubbing and scraping to remove the last vestiges of old labels and glue and was very wary of approaching this in the same way. The paint is so thin that it is easily damaged. Still it was alreay messed up so I gingerly tried some nail varnish remover and - it worked! Don't ever try the little yellow sponges with the rough green surface as they can wipe the paint off in seconds!

One guy was selling off the contents of his mother's home very reasonably (actually I don't think he had a clue what things were worth) and I picked up this huge lovely old enamel bowl - for £3! And that was the moxt expensive purchase of the day! In the picture you can also see some Vernon Ward paintings - I managed to score 4 of these!

I laid everything out on the red trolley in the garden when I got back so that I could have a good look while having my coffee in the sunshine. I'd picked this up at the second car boot of the morning - this one starts at 8.30 so I can be one of the first at that one too! I didn't know I needed a trolley but did think it might come in useful at some of the vintage fairs. I was thrilled to find it wheeled across the car park perfectly! I wasn't sure about the paint job and there are a couple of scars but I have a tin of good old Farrow and Ball's French Gray and was going to make that the reason why I needed to be in the garden for the rest of the day! Until I realised that it might fit my kitchen very well just as it is so I'll wait a while...

What else can you see - oh yes the bobbins and the tins. Oh yes - more tins - I just can't help myself (there's probably a name for it - there's certainly no cure!)

A couple of old biscuit tins and this is a lovely little cutie ...

And last but not least, my favourite bits - the absolutely delicious woolwork cushion cover - in perfect condition and a full 18" inches square and the "impossible to find" mega bobbins. MEGA BOBBINS! MEGA BOBBINS!. Oh joy - I've been after some of these for ages. 50P. 50P!

And the best bit of all - the bowl was the most expensive item. But "what about the trolley?" I hear you say. To which I reply - 50p!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Wow what a haul! Well worth getting up early for!


  2. wOoP!
    jealous of your bobbins:
    love those beautifully embroidered pieces:
    they remind me of some I inherited from my late mother-in-law:
    you have a good eye and I really need to come thrifting with you!

  3. That was a VERY successful trip to the boot fair. You did really well there! Those embroidered linens are so pretty and what a bargain, just £3 for that enamel bowl...
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  4. Gosh, you really found some bargains - love those bobbins, and the trolley.

  5. 50p for thr trolley?
    You're right the car boot gods were definitely with you!
    Lisa x

  6. Hi there
    I had a bumper day yesterday, Horrockses & Liberty fabric dresses & Liberty & Sanderson fabrics ! Wow, it doesnt happen often but when it does HURRAY!

  7. wow what a haul - I just love the cloths - I remeber doing those as a child!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I am so impressed with all your great finds and the dedication to getting up so early to be there at opening time. I must try to get to a boot sale. Your finds are ceraintly a great encouragement.

  9. It was a fantastic booty weekend and what a lot of loveliness you have there .... I did two on Saturday and two yesterday but the heat was getting too much and I came home early. Still managed to bag some lovely bargains though and can't wait till next weekend. My grand-daughter is getting the bug too ... she trots round with me picking up Baby Annabel bits & pieces and she loves Care Bears at the moment so our eyes are peeled for that now x

  10. What amazing bargains you have found, I never seemto be that lucky. (probably don't get up early enough!)

  11. Seriously, SERIOUSLY good finds................. I love the embroideries and the bobbins. I also love enamel ware but am not allowed to bring any home. I shall just sit and dribble looking at your bowl. :O)

  12. I think it may be called lets see, how about tinaholick :) great finds can't believe how little you spent well done.
    I have to sell some before I can go booting again :(
    Cate x

  13. I can see where all the good sellers were yesterday at your local car boot and not mine what fantastic finds I love finding stall full of old items instead of last years toys you were so lucky .

  14. I'm sick with envy over your trolley!LOL!
    I've been after every one on freegle/freecycle and missed. I too want it for potential use at a craft fair/storage for craft stuff. At least on wheels, it could be pushed into another room when I 'tidy up'!
    Those linens are brilliant too!
    Is that a speedboat the little girl is driving on that biscuit tin?
    Have fun with your trolley!

    Sandie xx

  15. Such beautiful embroidery! and the threads are very cute!
    I loved this post!

  16. You deserve your finds after such an early start - just love the bobbins, but where do you keep it all???

  17. Wow what a collection. The linens are amazing, it's strange but I didn't spot any linens at all at the boot sale I went to. I love the cushion cover and the bobbins and I fear I have the same tin collecting disease as you. The trolley will come in very handy for display at fairs. Debbie found one at the tip and Farrow and Balled it and uses it for display.
    Ann x

  18. wend, do you ever sleep? great haul, especially love the embroidered cloths, i think i'd make a patchwork quilt with them, it'd be stunning.

  19. You lucky thing. I am so envious of those embroideries and you still had change from your pocket money! Our local boot sale never offers such bargain treasures.... enjoy all your purchases.... until you have to make room for the next lot! Lesley

  20. You have found some amazing things. We had one Vernon Ward at home. I have ruined a tin with a sponge sad. Those embroideries can cost a fortune once they reach the antique shops.

  21. WoW! I'm coming over to your car boot..I never find goodies like that at mine.I'm very envous of your stash of embroidery.

    Bellaboo ;0)

  22. I can't believe all that fabulousness you found at one place for virtually no money. It's almost not fair, although I would have been fast asleep at the time so I guess it is fair. Love the bobbins and the linens.

    Kate x

  23. I was getting the car boot butterflies of excitment just reading your post, crikey I must have it bad too...